If You’re One Of These 6 Zodiac Signs, Your July Love Life Is Going To Be Epic

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Summer lovin' might have happened so fast, but according to the zodiac, it might not last for all signs. Despite the fact that Venus, the planet of love, will be entering Virgo on Jul. 10, not all signs will feel that heightened sensitivity and warmth in their love lives. That said, the zodiac signs that will have the most exciting love lives this July are going experience that sizzling summer love, tenfold. While it might seem unfair that only certain signs will be aligned to really feel the heat, we'll all get a treat on July 12 when we have a partial solar eclipse, and July 27 when we have a total lunar eclipse. The combination of these events coming and going will help us all see our desires more clearly, which will make it easier for us to go after them. Passions that we might have neglected will come back into view this month and we'll be finding it very rewarding to seek those changes and updates in our love lives.

Bustle talked to astrologist Lisa Stardust about what July has in store for us, specifically in the love department. As suspected, there are six signs that are slated to have an extremely romantic month, thanks to the alignment of Venus and Virgo. Here are the signs that Stardust predicts will have a lot of hot, flirty days ahead of them:


When Venus aligns with Virgo on July 10, you're going to feel some serious fireworks, according to Stardust. Of the ways your exciting love life will affect the rest of your life, she says, "people are more drawn to your lovely presence." So get ready to feel the love from everyone, Virgo. Good vibes attracts good people.


If you've been wondering when a new relationship is finally going to hit its stride, Stardust tells Bustle July is the month. She says, "you will take the leap to make a relationship official." So get ready to go Facebook official and step out with your new partner. You're going to want to see and be seen to show off your new love. After a lot of uncertainty, you're grateful to have answers and you're proud of your relationship!


If you've been going through a dry spell in the sheets, Stardust says that will all come to an end in July. "You' be spending the hot summer nights in bed with your beau," she predicts. So you might want to clean your sheets and prepare yourself for some action.


According to Stardust the things that were uneven in your life are about to level out. She says, "you are finally able to balance out your life, putting your relationship first this summer, allowing you to enjoy romantic nights moon swimming or even skinny dipping with your loved one." Which basically means you're going to have the most adventurous, balanced and romantic month ever!


Stardust tells Bustle that Taurus will meet their zen match this July. She says "love is going well this summer, as you’ve found a squeeze who elevated your mind, spirit, and even inspires you creatively." So essentially you've found yourself a yoga buddy and a lover at the same time. Maybe this is the summer that you actually give couples yoga a try!


You might have been confused about a relationship, but according to Stardust, come July, it will all make sense. She says, "you’re taking your relationship to the next level this month — finding love with someone who is a friend. Start your romance under the starry summer nights." This is the stuff Nicholas Sparks books are made of! Enjoy getting to know your friend in an entirely different way, and be grateful for the opportunity to evolve together.