65 Best Gifts Under $20

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This year, I've got more on my financial plate than ever before: student loans, rent, and a new apartment to furnish. This Christmas season, however, I also have more people to buy for than ever before. If you're in the same desperately-trying-to-adult boat as me, the best gifts under $20 will be the saving grace for both of us.

Even though I'm on a budget, I don't believe in half-assed impersonal gifts. Yes, even when it comes to that coworker you barely know or your boyfriend's cousin's son whose name you picked for his family's Secret Santa. Maybe a gift card and a tie used to cut it (back when all we had was Macy's). But now, with the internet, everyone's got access to loads of classy gifts that seem expensive, but aren't, and there's one website that does it better than anyone.

Drumroll, please: Amazon. It's Amazon. Although you probably already knew that, because A). It's all I write about, and B). It's where the vast majority of the world goes for affordable products you'll actually want. Throw in the fast last-minute shipping for Prime members, the reliable ratings and reviews, and the fact that whatever you order will come in a box (hello, easiest wrapping job ever), and it's no wonder it's the go-to for so many people.

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