66 Awesome Gifts On Amazon That'll Get Used Every Day

by Lisa Fogarty

A great gift can be a lot of different things: surprising, fun, and personalized in a way that shows you thought long and hard about that person (and didn't just drop money on anything you could find). But these awesome gifts on Amazon that'll get used every day are in an entirely different category of presents because they're extra-useful. Seriously: Your lucky gift recipients will be thrilled to receive these items because they won't just sit on their shelves without a purpose.

A "useful" gift doesn't mean it's boring, either. In the case of these genius products, it means they can enhance your beauty routine, save you some money, and even bring your cooking game up a notch. Some items — like an insulated coffee mug or a heated massager — can even make your day-to-day commute a bit more pleasurable.

There's a special gift in this collection for everyone on your list. Whether you have a friend with wanderlust who wants an inflatable sofa for their camping spot or a family member who would love a hair iron that effortlessly creates the curls for them, this gift guide is here for you. Trust me: It boasts products that are both exciting and useful.


These Compression Socks That Reduce Foot And Leg Pain

If your job or life requires that you stand on your feet for long periods of time, these compression socks are a must-have item for boosting circulation and preventing and relieving aches and pains. The knee-high socks come in four sizes and 16 colors — and you can take them on your next long flight for a reduction in inflammation.


A Rose Quartz Roller For Glowing Skin

Beauty lovers swear by this rose quartz roller and gua sha tool set that massages and helps serums and moisturizers sink in more effectively — all while reducing inflammation and promoting blood circulation for a healthy glow. Some reviewers say it even helps to reduce headache pain.


An Exfoliating Body Bush That Takes Care Of Ingrown Hairs

Keep this exfoliating body brush close at hand the next time you shave or wax — its gentle, but effective bristles help slough away dead skin cells and reduce the number of ingrown hairs you experience for softer, smoother skin. The brush fits on the palm of your hand. It's easy to use wet or dry, and one reviewer wrote it works "like magic."


The Sweetest Vanilla Lip Scrub For Softer Lips

Lips need exfoliating love, too. This lip scrub, made with sugar and organic vanilla, removes dead skin and leaves lips silky smooth — and it's completely free of artificial fragrances, parabens, and sulfates. It's great as a primer for lipstick.


This One-Step Hair Dryer And Styling Brush So You Can Get Out The Door Faster

Cut down on hair styling steps and get out the door in minutes in the morning with the help of this heated styling brush, which has pin and tufted bristles and round edges for the perfect blow out — and it'll add volume at the roots, too. The brush has three heat and cool settings and comes in four colors. You can even use it while hair is damp without causing heat damage.


The Sonic Toothbrush That Removes More Plaque

If you're looking to improve your dental hygiene, this sonic toothbrush delivers big time — providing a way to remove up to seven times more plaque than conventional toothbrushes, according to the brand. The brush is rechargeable and has a two-minute timer to ensure you get your teeth sparkling clean.


A Self-Curling Tool That Does The Styling Work For You

Even if your styling skills leave a lot to be desired, this self-curling iron does the hard work for you. A curl chamber draws in hair and heats and waves it into perfection before releasing it. The tool has adjustable heat temperatures for all hair types and directional buttons so you can control your curl. One reviewer wrote: "What used to take me 45-mins using a traditional curling iron, or 1-hour using curlers, I can achieve with this product in 20-mins. Highly recommended."


This Steamer And DIY Facial Kit With Extraction Tools

Get clearer skin with this DIY facial steaming kit, which includes a nano steamer that penetrates your skin to cleanse pores and preps you for serums and moisturizers. The set also comes with five stainless steel extraction tools that help clear up blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.


These Yoga Gloves And Socks That Keep You From Slipping

These yoga gloves and socks act in lieu of a mat — or an extra-protective layer if you're prone to slipping — so you can practice wherever you are. They're designed with a layer of rubber that keeps you from slipping and getting hurt and the top is breathable and wicks away moisture. The protective duo comes in six colors and four sizes, they're latex- and silicone-free, and they're great for barre class as well.


The Freshest Smelling Soy Candle That Lasts Forever

This natural and eco-friendly soy candle has a slow-burning and long-lasting cotton wick. It comes in more than 20 scents, all of which are fresh and natural — like linen, lemon and vanilla bean, and espresso.


A Cell Phone Stand And Holder So You Can Keep A Tight Grip On Your Device

Attach this cell phone grip to the back of your phone and use the sturdy ring as a kickstand for phones, as well as a functional way to hold onto your device and keep it from slipping and falling. The ring rotates and swirls and can also be mounted to your car. It comes in seven shades and finishes.


These Natural Bars Of Soap Made With Botanicals

This pack of six incredible soap bars are all made with natural botanicals that are soothing and nourishing to your skin — and provide both a lush lather and a light, textured exfoliation. The hydrating set of soap bars include lemongrass, jasmine, coconut, papaya, vanilla, and ylang-ylang.


This 3-In-1 Water Bottle And Speaker That Reminds You To Drink Up

This is no ordinary water bottle — it's a 20-ounce stainless steel bottle that keeps your beverage insulated while also performing double duties as a Bluetooth speaker. And if that isn't enough: the bottle glows on the hour as a reminder to stay hydrated and it comes in six shades. Reviewers say the speaker is actually incredibly clear, and one wrote: "This smart bottle does exactly what it is supposed to do. It flashes multiple colors for long enough to grab my attention, shows up even while sitting on my black work table, and the middle school students I teach get a kick out of it."


An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Travel Utensil Set That You Can Reuse

Less plastic is better for the planet — and these reusable bamboo travel utensils are natural, sustainable, and convenient. The set comes with a fork, spoon, chopsticks, and knife, packaged in a mini travel case that comes in six fun colors. It's heat- and stain-resistant, too.


The Aloe-Infused Face And Body Cream For Irritated Skin

Infused with nourishing aloe vera, Shea butter, and manuka honey, this intensely hydrating face and body cream is made with all-natural ingredients that soothe dry skin and can even prevent and heal eczema. It contains over 75 vitamins and antioxidants — and is made without a single artificial fragrance or parabens.


An Aromatherapy Mist That Relieves Stress

Comforting scents can alleviate stress and anxiety — and these aromatherapy mist sprays hit the spot, whether you spritz them on pillowcases, linen, your body, or just to freshen up the air in the room. The mists come in six scents made from organic oils like lavender, lemongrass, and chamomile.


The Manual Pour-Over Coffee Maker That Doesn't Require A Stove Or Outlet

No need for an electrical outlet or even a stove – this pour-over coffee maker can be used anywhere. Simply add ground coffee to the stainless steel mesh filter, then hot water, and then serve from the round borosilicate glass pot. The pot can make up to 8 cups of coffee and is dishwasher-safe.


This Mug Warmer That Keeps Coffee And Tea Hot For Hours

So maybe you started that cup of coffee, but had a meeting and then a phone call and by the time you revisit that delicious cup you find it's a cold disappointment. Not to worry: this cup warmer, which comes with a 17-ounce stainless steel mug and lid, has a plate that heats up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has simple touch controls so that you can choose your ideal beverage temperature.


An Insulated Travel Mug With A Leak-Proof Lid

Boasting an auto-seal lid that ensure your hot coffee or tea never leaks, this stainless steel insulated travel mug is the mess-free mug you need on that commute. It holds 16 ounces (but also comes in other sizes) and you can score it in 20 shades. Drinks stay hot for up to five hours and cold drinks stay crisp for 12.


A Dozen Facial Masks For Every Skin Concern

If you have a skin concern — like acne, dryness, redness — there's no doubt one of these 12 Korean beauty facial masks can tackle the problem. The sheet masks come with two of the following: tea tree, honey, avocado, pomegranate, charcoal, pomegranate, or cucumber. One reviewer wrote: "These masks definitely help to fight this and reduce redness. I find them to be very relaxing and my skin feels soft and moisturized afterwards."


The Trio Of Clay Masks That Clarify Pores To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Tackle blackheads head-on with this trio of clay masks: charcoal, seaweed, and Yuzu lemon. Additionally, the charcoal detoxes skin without overdrying, the seaweed soothes and comforts stressed-out or inflamed skin, and lemon exfoliates.


An Oversized Diffuser For Bouncy Curls And Waves

Attach this large diffuser to most hair dryers and use it to create definition and frizz- and static-free looks — and it's a game-changer if you have curly or wavy hair. The diffuser speeds up drying time and delivers 360 degrees of heat, plus it fits most models.


This Purse Organizer Insert That Ensures You Never Lose Your Keys Again

Why spend time rifling through your purse for keys or a tube of lipstick when this purse insert keeps all of your valuables organized so that you can locate what you need in seconds. The pocketed insert comes in 12 colors and six sizes to fit all purses and bags — and it even has a detachable felt key chain.


A Cocktail Making Set To Whip Up Fancy Drinks

Ready to expand your party cocktail menu? This is the cocktail-making set you need to whip up all kinds of exotic or old-fashioned drinks. It comes with a martini shaker, jigger, and drink strainer — and a few cocktail cards so you can get started right away.


This Classic Skincare Gift Set For Softer Hands, Feet, And Lips

When you're focused on your face it's easy to forget that other parts of your body — like dry hands, feet, and lips — could use a little love, too. This skincare set includes six products packaged in either convenient tubes or classic tin cases that provide instant hydration and nourishment to hands, cuticles, feet, and chapped lips.


The Perfect Bamboo Cheese Board Set With A Cutlery Drawer

Designed from sustainable bamboo, this cheese board features grooves for cheese, crackers, and meat, as well as a pull-out drawer where you can store cutlery for serving your delicious appetizers. The durable tray is water-resistant and wipes clean with ease.


A 7-In-1 Instant Pot That Gets Dinner On The Table In A Flash

You're busy — but that doesn't mean you don't want to sit down to a great meal at the end of the day. This instant pot features seven functions: it can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer. It also has 14 pre-set cooking buttons so that you can whip up soup, oatmeal, yogurt, chili, and so much more in a fraction of the time it usually takes.


This Cool Mist Humidifier That Lasts For Hours

With its 1.5-liter tank and the power to last 16 hours before it needs to be refilled, this is the cool mist humidifier that will easily take you from evening into morning. It has two speed settings, an optional night light, and an automatic shut-off function for safety.


A Weighted Blanked That Makes You Feel Snug And Secure

A seven-layer weighted blanket filled with glass beads, this soft but heavy blanket warms you up fast — while feeling like a safe, secure hug that many reviewers say can relieve anxiety and help you fall asleep faster. The blanket comes in 14 weights and more than 20 shades and prints.


The Handheld Vacuum With A Washable Filter

A top-notch cleaning tool to tackle everyday messes, this handheld vacuum has a rechargeable lithium battery that can hold its charge for up to 18 months, along with a removable, washable bowl that holds up to 20.6-ounces of dirt and debris. Pull the cordless vacuum out anytime you spot a crumb and solve that cleaning problem pronto.


This Fabric Defuzzer That Makes Old Sweaters Look Vibrant Again

You don't have to buy a whole new wardrobe every time a new season comes around. This fabric defuzzer removes lint, pills, and pulls from sweaters and upholstery, making your pieces look new again. The fabric shaver is rechargeable and comes in eight colors.


An Inflatable Air Sofa For Camping And Small Rooms

Whether you're an avid camper who happens to appreciate comfort, or you live in a small apartment or dorm and don't want the confines of your space to keep you from entertaining, this inflatable air sofa inflates fast — without a pump. And when you don't need it, you can stash it in a closet. It comes in six colors.


These Warm Gloves With Touchscreen Fingers

Keep your hands warm and comfortable, while also being able to use your phone or tablet — touchscreen gloves have a non-slip palm for driving and fingertips that can work a screen. The thermal knit gloves come in three sizes and 10 shades (and you can score them in "thick" material, if you're headed into sub-arctic temperatures).


The Resistance Bands That Build Muscle Without Weights

As wonderful as they are, weights are also cumbersome and can take up space in a small room. These resistance bands are perfect for building strength and muscle using your own body resistance. They come in a carrying pouch in five colorful levels of resistance: extra light, light, medium, heavy, and extra-heavy.


A Seriously Strong Hammock That's A Breeze To Hang

If you could have two wishes for the perfect hammock, you might ask for a strong, durable sling made from parachute material that absolutely won't break, and a structure that doesn't take a year to hang between trees (I'm exaggerating, of course). Still, this five-star rated hammock boasts both of those features and more. It comes with straps and carabiners, so there's no tying involved — and you can choose from 19 colors.


This Waterproof Backpack That You Can Wear In Different Ways

Thanks to its adjustable satchel shoulder strap, you can wear this waterproof backpack across your body if you want to. It has a large zippered compartment that can carry your iPad or tablet, along with a smaller zippered pouch for thinner items. And if color options are a priority, you will be spoiled with the choices. This backpack comes in more than 35 shades and prints.


The Thick Yoga Mat That Comes With A Carrying Strap

This thick, cushioned exercise mat provides extra traction and support to keep you from slipping during yoga, pilates, and other workouts. It's made from lightweight foam that's still sturdy — and it rolls up to fit inside the convenient carrying handle. The mat even comes in seven colors.


A Relaxing Acupressure Set That Provides Pain Relief

Relaxing on this acupressure set for a little while each day can provide muscle relief while melting your stresses away. The mat is designed with cotton and plant-based foam — but it uses over 6,000 acupressure nodules to target and massage pressure points while you relax.


A Warm Cable-Knit Beanie That's Really Stylish

Pull on this warm cable-knit beanie on the coldest of days, and it'll protect your head and while keeping you comfortable (regardless of how low temperatures dip). The cozy hat is made with stretchy, acrylic yarn — and it comes in 22 colors. One customer wrote, "I get a ridiculous amount of compliments on this beanie."


This Adjustable Weighted Jump Rope For Any Height

Not every jump rope suits every jumper — but this versatile jump rope can be adjusted to accommodate people of various heights. More specifically, it can be adjusted to reach 10 feet long. Plus, the thick rope weighs 1 pound — and it boasts cozy memory foam handles.


A Vacuum That Removes Blackheads From Your Complextion

This rechargeable blackhead vacuum is proof that blackheads can be removed from your complexion without using sharp tools. The device features five levels of suction power that are suitable for different skin types. One reviewer wrote that "this product works super great for a home spa product!"


These Comfy Ear Bud Hooks That Keep Them From Falling Out

If you're anything like me, the last thing you want to do when you're running, hiking, or shopping is adjust your earbuds. These silicone earbud hooks can be easily installed onto wireless earbuds to provide a secure grip that keeps them from falling out. The hooks come in four colors: black, clear, pink, and sky blue.


The Computer Monitor Stand With Storage Space

Make the most of a small workspace with this wooden computer stand. It features a cell phone groove and a cable holder, along with a shelf where you can store keyboards, notebooks, speakers, and more. The stand comes in four sizes and is easy to assemble.


This Air Fryer That Cooks Oil-Free Versions Of Your Favorite Snacks

From chicken nuggets to fried shrimp and everything in between, this electric air fryer cooks up your favorite fried snacks — but with way less oil (or none at all). The appliance holds up to 1.6 quarts of food and comes in five different colors.


An Adjustable Laptop Table That Locks Into Place

Adjust this laptop table to the comfiest angle, and then sit back and relax. The aluminum surface locks into place at your favorite angle, and it features two cooling fans that'll keep your device at a good temperature. The entire unit even folds up for easy storage.


The Cutest Cat Mug For On-The-Go Tea

Once you get past the fact that this is the cutest tea mug you've ever seen, you'll notice its genius features: The borosilicate glass cup has a tight, spill-free lid — and it even includes a stainless steel strainer which helps you brew tea on-the-go. Plus, it comes in five charming colors, all of which come with cute cat tails.


A Personal Coffee Grinder With 18 Different Settings

Did you forget leave the grocery without grinding your coffee beans? No sweat. This personal manual coffee grinder does the work for you, with 18 settings that can whip up anything from French press grinds to espresso grinds. This portable device has a removable hand crank, and it doesn't require batteries or electricity.


An Alarm Clock That Gradually Lightens To Mimic The Sunrise

For a gentler wake-up call, rely on this sunrise alarm clock. It slowly brightens prior to your alarm ringing, mimicking an actual sunrise. You can adjust the timing, brightness, and alarm volume — and you can even choose among seven different alarm sounds.


This Stylish Insulated Water Bottle Carrier

This neoprene water bottle carrying bag is just the accessory you need while carrying bottles on-the-go. The adjustable satchel frees up your hands while helping you stay hydrated. It's available for two bottle sizes — but each one comes with a shoulder strap and a choice of 15 prints and shades.


The Lightweight Backpack That Can Be A Pocket-Sized Pouch

Fill this lightweight backpack with your hiking or camping necessities — and when you no longer need it, pack it up into a compact pouch that you can toss in your luggage. The durable nylon pack has mesh harness straps, three exterior pockets, and a roomy main zippered pocket. It also comes in four colors.


A Rechargeable Callus Remover For Silky Feet

Remove the toughest calluses on your feet without scraping them with a pumice stone. This rechargeable callus remover does the work for you. The electric foot file safely removes dead skin, calluses, and corns — and it comes with three refillable rollers.


A Silk Pillowcase That's Gentle On Hair And Skin

This zippered silk pillowcase is made with 100% mulberry silk on both sides, which means it can maintain certain temperatures throughout the year. It's gentle on your skin and hair, and it comes in four sizes. Plus, it's available in over 25 colors.


These Reusable Produce Bags Made With Cotton Weave

Reduce plastic consumption when you tote these reusable produce bags to the market. This set comes with nine bags of different sizes, including one small grain bag. Still, they all feature drawstring ties and are made from a durable, organic cotton weave.


This Car Trunk Organizer That Folds Down Flat

Are you tired of your car trunk looking like a total mess? If so, get your things together with this car trunk organizer. The pocketed trunk caddy boasts two roomy top compartments and three mesh side pockets — and it even has handles. Plus, the organizer folds completely flat when you don't need it.


An Affordable 10-Piece Oval Makeup Brush Set

Scoring a 10-piece makeup brush set for less than $20 is basically unheard of, but this incredibly popular collection defies that rule. The included synthetic fiber brush heads are shaped like ovals, and they come in various sizes for eyeshadow, foundation, other cosmetics that fall in between.


These Tools For Cleaning Your Makeup Brush In Between Colors

This heart-shaped makeup brush cleaner — which features various grooves and nodules that lift makeup from your brush — makes it possible to reuse your cosmetics instantly. And thanks to the included "Quick Color Change" sponge, you can use different-colored eyeshadows or blush powders one after another.


This Hair Treatment For Damaged And Dry Strands

Certain chemical processes can make your hair strands extremely dry, brittle, and vulnerable to breakage. This hair repair treatment can be used once every week as a helpful product to restore shine, volume, and overall life to damaged hair. Plus, it's safe to use on all hair types.


The Gooey Gel That Lifts Up Debris From Keyboards

This lemon-scented keyboard cleaner gets in between keys to attract and lift up dirt, crumbs, dust, and other debris. The reusable gel is made from a biodegradable material, and it works just as well on phones, calculators, and other electronics.


A Cooling Gel Seat Cushion Made With Memory Foam

Give your back a break with this seat cushion. The memory foam surface takes pressure off of your lower back and tailbone, making daily desk work a lot more comfortable. The cushion comes with a removable, washable velour cover — but on the inside, it's lined with a layer of cooling gel.


The Heated Shiatsu Massager That You Can Attach To A Seat

Attach this cordless Shiatsu massager to your car seat or office chair with its adjustable straps, and then allow it to deliver a soothing, stress-relieving massages to your neck, shoulders, and back. The massager even has an optional heat mode that helps loosen stiff muscles, and it can be easily recharged.


This Rubber Flex Bar Roller To Increase Flexibility

Don't let its simple design fool you: This rubber rolling flex bar can relieve tendonitis pain while increasing strength and flexibility — and it can even help with conditions like tennis elbow. You can bend it with light or heavy pressure, and it's portable for long runs or gym workouts.


An Electric Knife Sharpener With 3 Settings

Not all knives are the same, and not all knives require the same level of sharpening. This multitasking electric knife sharpener features a three-stage sharpening system for coarse-grinding, medium-grinding, and polishing blades.


These Smart WiFi Outlets You Can Control With Your Phone

Leaving the lights on is no longer a big deal, because these smart WiFi plugs can be controlled with an app (even when you aren't home). The plugs also work with voice commands, since they're compatible with Alexa and Google Home.


The Jewelry Organizer That Folds Up For Travel

Store your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings in this jewelry organizer. It rolls up into an envelope-style pouch for easy packing while you travel. The organizer itself features five zones to store rings band, earrings, and necklaces — and it comes in eight color options.


This Manual Salad Spinner That's Also A Serving Bowl

This versatile salad spinner can also be used for serving. First, press the lid down with one hand to manually remove excess water, leaving your salad clean and crisp. Then, display your greens in the external container. You can also use the inner bowl as a colander for washing veggies.


A Travel-Sized Flat Iron That Comes With Nourishing Argan Oil

Style your hair anywhere you roam with this travel-size flat iron that features worldwide dual voltage and adjustable heat settings. Since its body has rounded edges, you can even use the device for curling. As an added bonus, it comes with a packet of conditioning argan oil.

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