68 Unique Gifts Under $10

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Need to get a really affordable present for someone but don't want to come off looking like a total cheapskate in the process? While finding the unique gifts under $10 might seem impossible there are actually some cheap AF things on Amazon that not only look expensive, but will come across as thoughtful, too.

Before you kickstart your search, it helps to spend a little time thinking about what your intended recipient really gets into. Are they all about skincare and maintaining a radiant glow? If so, a gift set full of moisturizing lotions and body wash could be just what they've been hoping for. But even if you don't know someone that well — for instance, a co-worker or distant relative — you can always spring for something that has universal appeal, like a unique massage stick or a party game that's fun for all ages.

Buying gifts can be totally nerve-wracking. But contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be thrifty and thoughtful at the same time though, which is why this article is full of the kind of weird but practical items that can help you strike the perfect balance between being cheap AF and still showing that you care.

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