68 Unique Gifts Under $10


Need to get a really affordable present for someone but don't want to come off looking like a total cheapskate in the process? While finding the unique gifts under $10 might seem impossible there are actually some cheap AF things on Amazon that not only look expensive, but will come across as thoughtful, too.

Before you kickstart your search, it helps to spend a little time thinking about what your intended recipient really gets into. Are they all about skincare and maintaining a radiant glow? If so, a gift set full of moisturizing lotions and body wash could be just what they've been hoping for. But even if you don't know someone that well — for instance, a co-worker or distant relative — you can always spring for something that has universal appeal, like a unique massage stick or a party game that's fun for all ages.

Buying gifts can be totally nerve-wracking. But contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be thrifty and thoughtful at the same time though, which is why this article is full of the kind of weird but practical items that can help you strike the perfect balance between being cheap AF and still showing that you care.

1. This Smartphone Magnifier For Watching Movies And Reading

Oct17 Phone Screen Magnifier 3-D HD Movie Video Amplifier, $10, Amazon

This magnifier enlarges a smartphone screen by two to four times its size to enhance visibility, viewing enjoyment, and make high-definition images come into even clearer focus. This magnifier fits most Apple and Android devices and is a great aid for reducing the risk of visual fatigue.


2. This Card Game That's Perfect When You Want To Be Sneaky AF

Gamewright Sneaky Cards Card Game, $8, Amazon

This interactive card game is a fantastic addition to parties because it helps people come out of their comfort zones and take new risks. Designed as a scavenger hunt, the cards deliver all kinds of prompts, from taking a selfie with a stranger to creating a joint doodle, and so many more adventures. There are 55 cards in each pack, and once you've completed a mission, just hand your card to that person and then they become part of the game as well.


3. These 3-D Glasses For Plunging Into New Virtual Realities

CWINDY 3D Virtual Reality Goggles Headset, $10, Amazon

Immerse yourself in exciting new simulated realities with these 3-D glasses, which you can use to do everything from pass through the Grand Canyon to travel through the city streets of Paris, enter an animated film, or do so much more. This works by connecting to your smartphone, and is compatible with most devices. Equipped with an adjustable head strap and lenses that have a blue coating that reflects light from the smartphone to help safeguard eyes during use.


4. This Inspiring Read That Will Help You Tap Into Your Inner Badass

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero, $7, Amazon

This self-help guide is a great motivational tool for those who really want to unlock their inner badass and start living as their very best selves. Over the course of 27 short but meaningful chapters, success coach Jen Sincero dishes out indispensable tips on career-building and how to lead a more fulfilling life. Loaded with laugh-out-loud funny stories, how-to advice, and super-easy exercises for pinpointing and exorcising bad habits, this book can help you shake it all off and start kicking some serious butt.


5. This Super Twee Silicone Brush That Looks Just Like A Jellyfish

Etude House My Beauty Tool Silicone Brush, $3, Amazon

You'll work up more than a smile when you're using this massaging and cleansing brush, which is shaped to look just like a jellyfish. Made of silicone that feels soft to the touch, this brush helps cleanse pores with a thick lather and exfoliates deep, so set-in dirt and oils are history after you're done using it. For best use, reviewers recommend working in a circle from the inside out when you're scrubbing with this brush.


6. This Beauty Care Travel Set For When You Want To Replenish Skin On-The-Go

Burt's Bees Essential Everyday Beauty Gift Set, $9 (Set of 5), Amazon

This set of travel-size beauty products from Burt's Bees includes a range of the company's most popular items, like hand salve, body lotion, foot cream, deep cleansing cream and lip balm, which will nourish skin from head to toe. Because each of these items is made with all-natural ingredients and formulated to hydrate and condition skin, this set makes a wonderful stocking stuffer and works on all kinds of skin types.


7. This Retro Sports Watch That's Lightweight But Still Functional

Casio Digital Sports Watch, $10, Amazon

This digital sports watch is an all-purpose, multi-functional investment that comes at a fraction of the cost of most leading sports watches, but can really pay off over time. Water-resistant and made with a stretchy ribbed band, this watch comes with with daily alarm, hourly chime signal, and automatic calendar, which will help you stay on task every day and keep on top of all your appointments. "For $10, this thing gives you the time, day, and date in a easy to read package that is super lightweight and robust as heck," wrote one reviewer. "LOVE IT!"


8. This Waterproof Travel Bag That Adds A Pop Of Color To Every Adventure

H&N Fashion Travel Bag, $8, Amazon

Not only is this bag tear-resistant and completely waterproof, the front pocket can slide over a standard luggage handle for fuss-free travel. It expands to fit a range of items but can also fold up, so you can pack it away in a closet or underneath your bed after use without any issues. Featuring a zippered front pocket and comfy handle, this machine washable travel bag is an affordable and practical option for gifts or personal use.


9. This Travel French Press Mug For The Coffee Connoisseur

ZYLISS Travel French Press and Mug, $10, Amazon

This specially-designed, dishwasher-safe French press mug is the perfect faux-fancy gift for any coffee connoisseur. All you have to do is put the filter over the mug, add ground coffee and hot water, then press the filter to brew a fresh cup. The mug, which you can use for tea, hot chocolate or coffee, is double walled for better insulation and fits in most cup holders.


10. This Playful Card Game For When You Want To Ask Lots Of Loaded Questions

All Things Equal Inc. Loaded Questions On The Go, $8, Amazon

Get to know people like never before with this hilarious card game, which comes with over 200 creative questions that you can use to reveal things you never knew about friends and loved ones. This set also comes with score pads and pencils, so you can jot down all the outrageous responses that are made in the response to these questions. Best of all, because this game is just cards, it's a fun way to pass the time on long road trips and makes a terrific conversation starter.


11. This Power Bank When You Want To Charge Up Everything To The Max

Aibocn Power Bank, $10, Amazon

A power bank is a super practical gift that anyone will appreciate, and not only is this one cheap it provides three to five charges to most smartphones and comes backed by thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. It has fast charging, can charge two devices at once, and comes equipped with over-voltage protection.


12. This Retro Night Light That's Perfect For Bathrooms And Kids' Rooms

ZEEFO Retro LED Night Light, $10, Amazon

Night lights are a great addition to any house, and this motion sensor-activated night light is definitely the one to grab because it's affordable, lights up when you come near it and auto shuts off after 15-20 seconds without movement, is battery operated, and can be manually set to stay on permanently. This night light uses LED light to illuminate spaces, and is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for all-over the house use, but especially in bathrooms and kids' rooms.


13. These Shea Butter-Enriched Soap That Smell Amazing

Pre de Provence Artisanal French Soap Bar, $6-$8 per soap, Amazon

This French-made soap smells like a million bucks but only cost $8. Triple-milled in the French style so soap comes out completely uniform and smooth without impurities, this long-lasting and paraben-free soap is made with shea butter, which gives skin a boost of hydration and leaves it feeling moisturized and smooth to the touch. It comes in 35 different scents including unique aromas like Rosemary Mint, Peony, and Sea Salt.


14. This Travel Set That Works Especially Well On Damaged Cuticles

J.R. Watkins Skin Care Gift Set, $9 (Set of 4), Amazon

This kit of travel-sized products from J.R. Watkins comes with lavender and lemon-scented body lotion, plus hand cream and natural beeswax lip balm. For nail beds that are irritated or inflamed, this set works wonders to give them a much-needed dose of hydration.


15. This Micro Camera That Delivers High-Quality, Professional-Looking Pictures

Apexel 2-in-1 Wide-Angle Macro Camera Lens Kit, $10, Amazon

Trick out a smartphone with this two-in-one camera lens kit, which will help you get clear, professional-quality snapshots with every move. Whether you want wide, panoramic images or up-close selfies, this detachable lens, which works on Apple and Android products, clips in place and comes with two angles so you can get either option. This camera is also pocket-sized, so you can slip it into yours after use with total ease.


16. This Dirty Card Game For Channeling Your Inner Old Maid

Headburst Filthy Old Maid Adult Party Game, $10, Amazon

You'll never think of Old Maid the same way again after you play this adult version of the classic card game. Packed with 54 cards and more than 100 absolutely dirty topics and drinking challenges, this game can liven up parties because it forces people to make pairs until someone is stuck with the Filthy Old Maid card, who then has to endure a special drinking challenge. Ideal for anywhere from two to six players, this game guarantees you're in for a wild night.


17. This Journal That's Waiting To Be Scribbled On

Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith, $9, Amazon

This unique journal comes with almost 300 pages that are waiting to be ripped, drawn, colored, and written across. The concept for this was created by artist/illustrator Keri Smith and can help you channel your inner creator in challenging ways because this book encourages you to make a mess, and comes with a series of quirky prompts that are intended to get you thinking in new ways.


18. A Light That Makes It Easy To Take The Perfect Selfie

BESTTY Selfie Light Ring, $8, Amazon

A great gift for an inspire Instagram star, this selfie light ring attaches to the back of any smartphone and helps provide the perfect lighting for up close and personal shots. Rechargeable via USB for up to four hours at a time, this lightweight and compact ring fits most smartphone types and contains 36 LED bulbs, so you'll get perfect illumination every time.


19. This Space-Saving Wine Rack That Adds Accents To Countertops

Kloud City Wine Rack, $10, Amazon

No one will guess this collapsible three-bottle wine rack cost less than 10 bucks. Made out of wood, the understated design is both practical and easy to incorporate into nearly any aesthetic.


20. This Electric Milk Frother That's Perfect For At-Home Lattes

1Easylife Electric Milk Frother, $10, Amazon

For that espresso aficionado on your list there is this easy-to-use milk frother, which is the secret weapon baristas use to add the finishing touch to lattes, cappuccinos, and hot chocolates. Battery powered and made of stainless steel, this lightweight frother operates with the push of a button and aerates for 30 seconds at a time by rotating a whisk-like rod in beverages. It also comes with a fancy spoon that's designed to sit on the edge of a cup.


21. These Stone Humidifiers That Restore Moisture To Dry Air

Natural Stone Room Humidifiers, $8 (Set of 2), Amazon

This set of clay balls doesn't just look great as an accent on a desk or shelf — they work to naturally restore moisture into the dry air in your home. To get these stones working, just fill the ceramic bowls they come in with water and the porous balls will start to release moisture throughout the air via evaporation. Perfect for the winter months, these humidifiers are great for eco-conscious folks and are sure to make a memorable gift.


22. This Travel Mirror For Styling On-The-Go

Anself Makeup Travel Mirror, $7, Amazon

Easy to fold up and pack in luggage, this tablet-size leather and glass mirror comes with an adjustable stand and looks great on a vanity table in place of a heavy stationary mirror.


23. This Cool Massager That Helps Relieve Tension In The Face And Eyes

Feng Shui Nephrite Jade Eye & Face Massager, $8, Amazon

This beautiful jade massager has a cult-like following because it's compact, lightweight, and works wonders if you're trying to get rid of puffy eyes or any kind of facial tension. Reviewers recommend tossing it in the freezer, so the jade in this massager so it gets even cooler.


24. This Bath Brush Set That Will Make You Feel Like You're At A Spa

Olivia’s Bath Brush Set, $9 (Set of 4), Amazon

Bathtime is about to get a whole lot more luxurious with this gift set, which comes with everything you need to exfoliate and stimulate circulation without hurting sensitive skin. It comes with a dual-sided soft-bristled brush and pumice stone, a loofah back scrubber for hard-to-reach areas, a bath pouf for soap or shower gel, and textured bath gloves that are great for cleaning out pores to get skin feeling softer and more rejuvenated.


25. This Bracelet Display That Really Comes In Handy

Darice Hand Bracelet Display, $8, Amazon

This jewelry display, which is modeled to look like a hand, is a stylish way to organize bracelets and rings. Made of black polyresin material, this unique and durable display also makes a great conversation starter.


26. This Funky Roller That Helps Get Rid Of Sore Kinks

Hippih Muscle Roller Massage, $10, Amazon

This multi-functional massage stick looks weird AF, but that's only because it works in crazy ways to stimulate tender tissue and promote blood flow through sore and fatigued muscles. Whether you're looking for tension relief in your feet, arms, legs, thighs, or elsewhere, the hedgehog-shaped balls on this stick go to work on troubled areas and deliver a deep, penetrating massage.


27. This Three-In-One Wine Chiller That's Amazing For Parties

Family Care 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Chiller, $8, Amazon

This three-in-one wine chiller simultaneously chills wine, aerates it, and works as a wine stopper. Completely BPA-free and made of stainless steel, this tool helps beverages stay fresh and keep their flavor, while also allowing wine to breathe and oxidize, which is essential for getting a smooth, tasty finish.


28. This Adorable Wireless Speaker That Looks Just Like A Mini Mushroom

Funky Rico Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $5, Amazon

This tiny little speaker is shaped like a cute AF mushroom, but the best thing about it is that it actually delivers amazing sound. This 3-watt speaker comes with built-in Bluetooth, a rechargeable battery that's good for up to six hours of playback, a microphone for answering calls, and delivers crystal-clear sound and volume quality, which you can easily adjust. Plus, it has a suction-cup base, so you can mount it on any flat surface (even your smartphone).


29. A Snuggly Fleece Throw That You Can Take With You On Trips

Imperial Home Fleece Throw, $9, Amazon

This soft fleece throw is lightweight, machine washable, and measures in at 50-by 60-inch. "[This throw] is majestically soft and wonderful for you to wrap yourself in while laying in a cool room," wrote one happy Amazon reviewer.


30. This Unique Massager That Helps Promote Overall Good Well-Being

Rosenice Natural Stone Guasha Board, $8, Amazon

This beautiful ancient Chinese massager is designed to improve microcirculation of the facial blood vessels and boost overall well-being. Made of natural stone jade, just rub this Guasha board against whatever area is giving you trouble — your face, neck, wrist, or shoulders — and let your tension melt away.


31. This Dice Game That Will Make Game Nights Even More Memorable

George & Company LLC LCR® Left Center Right™ Dice Game, $8, Amazon

Great for parties with friends and family, this fast-paced game of chance is all about luck, which is part of the fun. Ideal for three or more players, all you have to do is roll the six-sided dice for the fun to start. Each player receives chips they can wager with, which gives this a real gambling feel, but without the same level of risk. One reviewer raved: "Great game to play at parties. Fast paced and will keep you on the edge of your seat. It's a good idea to have a prize at the end if you aren't playing with money. The packaging is an awesome for traveling and and it's compact so it stores nicely."


32. This Gillette Gift Set That Makes Hair Removal A Breeze

Gillette Fusion Razor Gift Pack, $42 (Set of 5), Amazon

For those who shave, this gift set from Gillette not only offers the best razor on the market, but it's also a total steal. It comes with a Fusion5 ProGlide razor, which has five precision blades and is designed with FlexBall technology to bend and adjust to contours in order to target and remove virtually every hair. This set also includes replacement cartridges and Gillette Fusion Hydragel Ultra Sensitive shave gel, which hydrates and protects sensitive skin for a smooth, razor burn-free shave.


33. This Ceramic Coffee Mug That's Perfect For Caffeine Lovers

Mecraft Coffee Mug, $10 (16 Oz), Amazon

A coffee mug isn't usually a super unique gift, but this one has an extra fun element: it can be written on with chalk. Made from lead-free glazed stoneware, this ceramic mug is ultra-strong and safe to use in the microwave or dishwasher.


34. This GPS Mount That Makes It Easy To Follow Keep Your Eyes On The Road

JacobsParts Windshield Mount, $5, Amazon

Navigating with a GPS is easy, but you also need a durable windshield mount like this one to keep your GPS snugly in place. Made to be compatible specifically with the Garmin Nuvi model GPS, this mount attaches to your car's windshield and stays locked in place via a suction cup. The attached mounting bracket allows you to position your GPS and will ensure it stays visible and level, even over rocky terrain.


35. This Holder That Helps You Position Smartphones And Tablets Any Way You Want

UGREEN Phone Stand Cell Phone Holder, $7, Amazon

This portable holder adjusts to any angle, and when it's not in use it can be folded up slipped it into your pocket. Compatible with virtually all smartphone devices — including the iPhone X — this stand is a great solution when you want to relax and watch videos or browse from your phone without stress.


36. These Revitalizing Sheet Masks That Give Your Complexion A Much-Needed Wake-Up

MIZON Mask Sheet Variety Set, $9 (Set of 8), Amazon

"I love these masks! I've used about half of them and I can really see and feel a difference in my skin after use," raved one reviewer of these super-popular sheet masks, which are designed for one-time use to give skin a much-needed kick of moisture. Each set comes with eight unique masks that target skin in distinct ways, from a moisturizing mask to toning mask. Formulated with green tea, lemon, pomegranate, and avocado extracts, as well as collagen, these masks are a great way to treat someone without breaking the bank.


37. This Spacious Travel Bag That Can Be Hung Up

Mr. Pro Travel Makeup Cosmetic Bag, $10, Amazon

This portable cosmetic bag is spacious and can be hung up for easy access. Although this waterproof bag is 30 percent larger than most cosmetic bags, it's also compact and folds down into a convenient carrying case, which can be pack in a suitcase or backpack.


38. This Set Of Standing Makeup Brushes That Help Deliver A Smooth Finish

Uspicy Oval Makeup Brush Set, $10 (Set of 5), Amazon

Unlike similar oval makeup brushes, this set is made with unique flat bottoms which allow them to stand on their own when they are not in use. They're also made with synthetic fiber, which helps ensure a smooth, even finish with each application.


39. This Insulated Lunch Bag That Makes It Easy To Take Meals On-The-Go

Aosbos Reusable Lunch Box Bag, $10, Amazon

Taking meals to work or when you're out and about can be an awesome way to save money over time and have more delicious, nutritious grub to chow down on, and with this reusable lunch bag, you can do it with ease. Insulated so that food stays fresher and the right temperature for longer, this bag is spacious enough to fit sandwiches, snacks, and even a drink, and comes with a zipper opening and adjustable strap, so you can carry it just like a handbag or shoulder bag.


40. This Mask That Helps You Peel Your Way To Smoother Feet

Etude House BeBe Foot Mask, $8, Amazon

Dry, cracked heels are no match for this foot peel, which is formulated with skin smoothing and moisturizing ingredients that help make coarse, dead skin disappear. Just wear these booties, which are designed for single use, for an hour and a half, then rinse feet with lukewarm water. Gross but amazingly effective, after about a week, you should start to notice the skin on your feet starting to shed all that dull skin, which means it's getting the job done.


41. This Stylish Stand That Relieves Pressure On Hands And Fingers

PopSockets Stand for Smartphones & Tablets, $10, Amazon

Anyone who is clumsy or just spends a lot of time on their phone or tablet will love this pop-up stand. It's designed to help someone keep a good grip on their devices, plus prop them up for watching videos, gaming, Facetime, Skype, and more. This stand gives hands a place to relax and can help in the same way a fidget spinner does for those who like to keep hands moving. It's also easy to stick on to devices because it comes with a reusable adhesive stick, that clings to the backs of protective covers without damaging devices.


42. This RFID-Blocking Wallet That Takes The Stress Out Of Traveling

Teoyall RFID Blocking Wallet, $8, Amazon

Made with advanced RFID blocking technology, this wallet protects private information against unauthorized scans. It's also roomy, and comes with a pouch for a passport, plus multiple compartments to stash cash, cards, keys, and even a pen when you're out and about.


43. This Egg-Shaped Puff That Helps Foundation Glide On Effortlessly

Holika Holika Lazy and Joy Egg Bun Puff, $6, Amazon

This little puff looks just like an egg yolk and is just as smooth as it glides across skin. Scented with the smell of fresh roses and deeply moisturizing thanks to its rich texture, this puff is especially useful for blending and applying foundation because it helps ensure makeup goes on evenly distributed. "Super cute sponge," wrote one reviewer. "It is more dense than a beauty blender. Did a good job at applying foundation."


44. This Collection That Tea Drinkers Are Sure To Love

Harney & Sons Paris Black Tea, $8 (20 Sachets), Amazon

Tea geeks are sure to enjoy this delicious blend of fruity black tea with hints of vanilla, lemony Bergamot, and caramel. Medium-bodied and tasty on its own or with milk and sugar, this Kosher tea was created as an homage to Paris and comes in sachets. "It is smooth, not tannic, fruity yet warm. Very balanced," described one reviewer on Amazon. "The aroma is divine and tastes exactly like it smells."


45. This Surprisingly Fashion-Forward Sweatshirt For That Trendy Person On Your List

Jerzees NuBlend Crew Neck Sweatshirt, $10, Amazon

Millennial pink is having a serious moment, which means this $10 sweatshirt will come off as a seriously trendy gift for any fashion-forward person on your list. Made with a cotton and polyester blend, this sweatshirt stays cozy and is easy to clean just by popping it in the wash.


46. This Indoor Thermometer That Allows You To Monitor Everything

ThermoPro Digital Indoor Thermometer, $9, Amazon

Digital and designed to give super accurate readings, this portable thermometer measures all humidity levels and so much more, and can be set to display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. This device is also battery powered and can be mounted to the wall via a powerful magnet.


47. Cleanse Your Home Of Bad Vibes With These Sage Smudge Sticks

Alternative Imagination White Sage Smudge Sticks, $8 (3 Pack), Amazon

Give the gift of good energy with these sage smudge sticks. At 4 inches in length, these smudge sticks release a light fragrance and are great for smudging rituals, or just adding an earthy aroma to a home. Made from white sage, which is believed to help clear energy and restore balance, these sticks are also helpful as a natural insect repellent and can be good to take along for camping trips.


48. This Glass Bottle That Make Soaps And Lotions Easy To Dispense

NaRaMax Glass Lotion/Soap Dispenser with Black Pump (8 oz), $6, Amazon

This 8-ounce glass bottle is made for dispensing soaps and lotions, but it can also make a really thoughtful present for the right person. If you're shopping for someone who makes their own lotions, massage oils or soaps, this bottle, which comes with a convenient black pump, is a great bulk item to give them that makes it easy to store and use all kinds of blends.


49. This Cable Splitter That Let's You Listen To Music Or Watch Movies With Friends

Belkin Speaker and Headphone Cable Splitter, $5, Amazon

There are all kinds of ways you can use this simple cable splitter. Reviewers on Amazon have used it for everything from sharing movies with friends via laptops when they're side-by-side on trips to listening to music simultaneously on trains and buses. No matter how you use it, this 3.5-millimeter audio splitter can be a great way to connect two headsets or speakers to one jack and simplify streaming videos or listening to music.


50. These Cheap But Dependable Ear Buds That You Won't Feel Guilty About Losing

JVC Gumy Ear Bud Headphones, $9, Amazon

Featuring wired connectivity and available in a brilliant red hue, these soft rubber headphones are compatible with virtually all smartphones and deliver bass-boosting, powerful sound. Because they're such a great value, you also don't need to stress about losing them, because these dependable earbuds are easy to replace.


51. This Case That Makes Storing Headphones And USB Cords Super Simple

Case Star Earphone Case, $5 (2 Pack), Amazon

At three inches in diameter, this case is the perfect size for earphones, earbuds, and other small cords, and it also won't take up a ton of space in your backpack or purse. Made with a hard EVA shell that won't scuff or crush, the cloth-lined interior of this will keep your cords safe and easy to find for later. Plus at only $2.50 per case they are cheap enough that you can buy a pair of affordable headphones too and still come in under your $10 budget.


52. This Two-In-One Set That Gives You Every Essential Office Accessory You'll Ever Need

Fantastic Office Supplier Stationery Supplies And Organizer Set, $10 (65 Pieces), Amazon

This colorful office stationery set is practical, pretty, and perfect for that friend who is always taking Instagram pictures of their idyllic desk. It comes with multiple types of clips and tacks, and comes in a convenient organizer so you never have to worry about where to store anything.


53. A Mouse Pad That Actually Complements Your Office Decor

Mouse Pad, $8, Amazon

Mousepads get a bad wrap, but this one is not only functional, but come in amazing modern designs. Made with a non-slip rubber base so the pad stays firmly in place, this mouse pad has a cloth surface that makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. Since it's also nearly eight inches round in diameter, you'll be able to comfortably navigate with your mouse.


54. This Pack Of Colored Pencils That Will Help Unlock Your Creative Side

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, $8 (24 Pack), Amazon

Thanks to the mindfulness craze and the rise of coloring books, kids and adults alike will love these waterproof colored pencils. Each pencil is ultra-smooth and made with richly saturated pigments, plus thick cores that are ideal for shading and shadowing. Resistant to chipping and cracking thanks to the thick lead cores inside, these artist-quality pencils come in a variety of hues and will help you leave your best mark.


55. These Flameless Tea Lights That Can Really Set A Mood

Homemory Flameless LED Tea Lights, $10 (Pack of 12), Amazon

These flickering tea lights might look like ordinary candles from a glance, but they're not: they're actually flameless and battery operated, which means they're much safer to use than normal tea lights but offer the same soothing, romantic effect. Each light comes with a convenient switch for easy operation and comes with batteries that are good for more than 100 hours of light-time. Best of all, because these aren't a fire hazard, they're great to use around kids, pets, and seniors.


56. These Hanging Paper Frames That Add A Unique Ambiance To Any Setting

Paper Photo Frames, $6 (Set of 10), Amazon

This set of 10 paper frames is made on high-quality paper, and are a great way to show off snapshots of your adventures. It comes with 10 mini wood clips plus hemp rope, which you can use to dangle frames in place.


57. These Magnetic Falsies For When You're Ready To Bring The Glamour

Yangjunfeng Reusable Fake Magnet Eyelashes, $10 (4 Pieces), Amazon

Designed to be flexible and natural-looking, these falsies are magnetic, which means they don't have any of the pain of glue but can help you enhance your look for an evening and really bring the glamour. One reviewer raved: "These magnetic eyelashes are the bomb! They are so full and natural looking. Very easy to apply. You put them in place and the magnet clicks them together!"


58. A Two-In-One Gift Set That Will Leave Your Hands And Lips Feeling Pampered

The Body Shop Soft Hands Warm Kisses Duo Gift Set, $10, Amazon

This gift set from The Body Shop comes with two products sure to leave you feeling pampered. Formulated with vitamin C-rich mango pulp, the lip butter delivers instant, fruity-tasting hydration to dry, cracked lips, while the hand cream included here works to protect and soften hands from environmental damage. Great on all skin types, both of these are easy to stash in a purse and can be lifesavers during the chillier months of the year.


59. This Pencil-Sized Set Of Makeup Bags That Are Great For Storing Just The Essentials

Miayon Floral Makeup Bag, $2 (Set of 3), Amazon

While some makeup bags are designed to be big enough to fit everything you could ever possibly need, this set of three pencil-sized bags is perfect if you're just trying to bring along mascara, gloss, liner, or other bare essentials to make it through the day. These cheap bags come with a cute floral canvas exterior and can help reduce clutter inside purses and clutches.


60. This Burt's Bees Gift Set That Leaves Skin Feeling Radiant

Burt's Bees Classic Bee Tin Holiday Gift, $8 (Set of 3), Amazon

This tin gift set from Burt's Bees is a real treat for the skin because it includes three of the company's most popular items, including Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Hand Slave, and Honey Moisturizing Lip Balm. Each is made from all-natural ingredients that can moisturize and hydrate skin from head to toe, but work specifically well on hands and lips to protect against dryness and itchiness. The lip balm is also made with vitamin-rich beeswax, which conditions and hydrates unlike anything else.


61. A Gloss Set That Gives Lips A Reason To Smile

SHANY The Wanted Ones Lip Gloss Set, $13 (Set of 12), Amazon

This 12-piece set of lip glosses feature all the colors that a makeup lover could ever want, from flirty pinks to vivacious reds, as well as nudes and oranges. Formulated with aloe vera and vitamin E, these glosses don't just add color to lips - they also help nourish and soften them, so lips won't get dried out or cracked during normal wear. These glosses are also cruelty-free and don't include any parabens, so you can use them with added confidence.


62. This Argan Oil Gift Set That Helps Restore Skin's Natural Luster

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Gift Set, $9 (Set of 3), Amazon

Argan oil is an ultra-nourishing ingredient that leaves skin feeling more supple and hydrated, which is a big reason why this gift set is a great way to pamper someone. The argan oil in this set is community sourced from Morocco, and argan nuts are pressed and filtered slowly over 48 hours to extract the purest oil. Perfect for all skin types, this set comes with shower gel, a bath pouf, and whipped lotion, which can be applied after a bath to give skin a comforting blanket against dry skin, redness, and other irritation.


63. This Set Of Ice Cubes Containers That Add Color To Your Freezer

Insun Plastic Ice Cubes, $13 (Pack of 10), Amazon

Ice cubes can leave drinks tasting watered down, but with these plastic ice cubes, that will never be an issue. Designed to cool drinks without diluting them, each 10-pack comes in a range of fun, vibrant colors and won't break or shatter in the freezer. Just fill these cubes with water and stash them in the freezer until you're ready to use. Made from BPA-free plastic, these ice cubes can even be great in wine or beer, which you'd ordinarily never plop an ice cube into, to get that chilled effect.


64. This Convenient Caddy That Can Help Keep Flat Irons Organized

Hot Tools Flat Iron Caddy, $10, Amazon

If you want to save counter space and also find a compact spot for storing your flat iron, this caddy is a great investment. It can mount to the wall through suction cups or screws and automatically shuts off irons whenever they're slipped inside of it. Any time you pull your iron out of this caddy, it will turn back on, which makes this an ultra-convenient storage item that can take the stress out of using a flat iron.


65. This Stainless Steel Bar That Gets Rid Of Funky Smells Like Magic

Amco Rub-A-Way Bar, $8, Amazon

Fish, garlic, onions, and other classically stinky stuff can leave odor behind, especially on hands, but with this stainless steel bar, those unwanted scents just fade away. To get it going, all you have to do is rub this bar between your hands just like you would an ordinary bar of soap. Even if you're using without water, this bar effectively gets rid of all scents that might be lingering on skin. This bar won't leave any hint of smell behind itself and is dishwasher safe, which is one of the big reasons why it makes such a great gift — especially for cooks.


66. This Handheld Scale That Weighs Luggage

Camry, Luggage Scale, $8, Amazon

Not only does this handheld scale make weighing luggage so much easier, it only costs a measly 8 bucks, will take up minimal space in your bag, and can even tell you the temperature. It holds up to 110 pounds and runs on a small lithium battery.


67. A Box Of Krispy Kreme Flavored Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Flavored Jelly Beans, $10, Amazon

Gourmands and junk-food junkies alike will find this quirky set of doughnut flavored jelly beans irresistible. This pack includes Cinnamon Apple Filled, Strawberry Iced, Original Glazed, Glazed Blueberry Cake, and Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles. All Jelly Belly jelly beans are OU Kosher, gluten-free, peanut-free, dairy-free, fat-free, and vegetarian friendly.


68. This Bracelet That Comes With Everything You Need To Survive In The Wild

A2S Protection Paracord Survival Bracelet, $9 (Set of 2), Amazon

These might look like ordinary bracelets, but they're actually like having a wilderness survival guide alongside you as you head outdoors. Each bracelet functions as a compass, emergency knife, flint fire starter, fire scrapper, and emergency whistle that creates noise levels of up to 100db. Available in a range of sizes to fit all wrist types, this versatile accessory offers unparalleled functionality and is also lightweight and comfortable to wear even when you're not trying to rough it in the wilderness.

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