7 Apps To Download If Target Shopping Trips Give You Life

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I usually prefer to shop online, but Target is an exception. I love to grab a cart, swing by the in-store Starbucks, and spend way too much time wandering every aisle. If you're anything like me and can't get enough of the retailer, you need to make your life easier and download apps for Target lovers. While Target has its own app — and based on the stellar reviews from customers, it's a pretty good one —there are other tangentially-related smartphone apps that will make your Target runs way easier and much more fun.

Even though it can feel relaxing to spend an afternoon walking through the store — one of my personal favorite things to do is smelling all of the candles in the home section — it's not always feasible, especially if you're in a rush or don't want to find yourself making purchases you'll regret. Preparing ahead of time with the help of smartphone apps can help you become a better couponer, make your trip more efficient, and even make you money. I can't promise you'll spend less time and money at Target because the place is seriously alluring, but here are a few apps you need to check out if you love Target.

1. Ibotta

If you want to make money as you shop (who doesn't?), you should check out Ibotta. You can get cash back on purchases both on Target's website and in-store. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt, and you'll receive money back on qualifying purchases.

2. ShopSavvy

You may not realize this, but Target offers a price-match guarantee for some of its products. If you can find a lower price at retailers like Walmart, Wayfair, or Amazon, the store will adjust your total within two weeks of your purchase.

If you want to keep track of which retailer is offering the best price, download ShopSavvy. You can scan a barcode in-store, and it'll show you what Target's competitors are selling an item for.

3. Houzz

Houzz, a home renovation and design website, has an app that uses virtual reality to let you see products in your home. While Houzz doesn't have Target items listed in its database, you can use the app to get an idea of what exactly will look best in your space — and to stop yourself from spending too much time in the home furniture aisles. Just pick a product, tap "View in My Room," and watch it come to life.

4. AnyList

This one is for impulse Target shoppers, because making a list ahead of time is one way to stop yourself from buying things you don't need. AnyList lets you create grocery lists and group each item by category, and you can even invite other people to collaborate on a list with you. You'll be out of the store in no time.

5. LIKEtoKNOW.it

Ayana Lage

If you follow any fashion influencers on social media, you've probably heard them mention LIKEtoKNOW.it. Basically, influencers get a commission anytime you buy items they've linked in the app. If you decide to use the app, you can see clothing and accessories you're eyeing at Target on real people before you buy them.

It isn't just for clothes, though — you can search phrases like "Target home" to see how people have styled furniture from the store in their homes.

6. YouCam Makeup

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Target's beauty department has a ton of options, but it's hard to know what will look best on you — and sampling lip gloss inside of a store isn't exactly polite. YouCam Makeup allows you to see what different products look like on your face. While they don't offer all Target Brand makeup on the app, you can still try on some of your favorite brands.

7. Target

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Yes, this is an obvious one — but the official Target app is actually pretty handy. I use it almost every time that I go into the store, and it lets you clip digital coupons, schedule in-store pickup, and even create grocery lists. You can also check to see if something is in-stock at a local store, which can save you a drive.

The next time you head to Target, you'll be more prepared than the average person if you download these apps. I'm even more excited for my next shopping trip.