7 Australian Beauty Brands You Should Know About

by Jessica Thomas
Mint Skin/Instagram

When I think of Australia, I think of sun-streaked blonde hair, golden skin, and spending tons of time outdoors. So when I think of Australian beauty brands, I assumed they'd be all about natural makeup, effective but easy skin care and low maintenance hair care, too. As it turns out, that assumption is actually pretty accurate. From under-the-radar brands to ones you've probably heard of before, Australian beauty brands are all about natural ingredients, prioritizing skin care, and taking the best parts of the Australian lifestyle and channeling them into beauty brands.

I consider myself a beauty junkie, but some of the brands I came across while delving into the world of Australian beauty were utilizing new products, techniques, and ingredients in ways I had never seen before. And although I don't think Korea is going anywhere as the current beauty capital of the world, I'm all about exploring new destinations for products and techniques. Turns out, some pretty exciting things are coming from the land down under, from small brands to ones that have already made their mark in the U.S. market.

Although there are certainly more than seven Australian beauty brands out there, these seven will serve as a great introduction to world of beauty and skin care down under.

1. Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist is an organic skin care line that's all about using natural ingredients to make seriously effective creams, serums and moisturizers. It's all about using serious science to make natural products that pack a punch.

2. Frank Body

Frank Body first burst on the beauty scene with its Coffee Scrub, an exfoliator that became a cult favorite of beauty junkies. The brand has expanded to include masks, moisturizers, and more.

3. The Beauty Chef

The Beauty Chef, aka Carla Oates, developed her beauty line to encourage people to nourish their inner and outer beauty. Her probiotic powders and boosts make you feel good from the inside out, and her skin care products finish the job.

4. Mint Skin

Looking for a new face mask to add to your arsenal? Look no further than Mint Skin and its MUD masks. Its Detox Mud and Rosa Hydration Mud masks are crazy popular with insiders because they leave skin clear and glowing.

5. Luma Cosmetics

Want that serious Australian glow? Turn to Luma, a natural beauty line that's famous for its illuminating creme highlighters. Its formula is creamy, dries quickly and is perfectly portable.

6. Aesop

If you're tuned into the beauty world, chances are you've seen Aesop's signature brown glass bottles with their white labels before. But surprise — this brand is actually Australia-based. Its skin care line is all about recognizing the connections between the environment you live in and its effects on your skin.

7. KORA Organics

Miranda Kerr fans may have heard of her KORA Organics skincare line, which has everything from a cream cleanser to a tinted day cream that's perfect if you're into the no-makeup makeup look.