7 Eczema Creams You Can Buy Over The Counter For Under £15

Leandro Crespi / Stocksy

Eczema is the absolute worst. I can't say I have really ever suffered terribly with it myself, but from time to time, I have experienced the odd minor break out. And whenever it occurs, I have a few go to formulas for my body and face that I turn to that I've tried and tested. I can recommend these wholeheartedly, and have picked out an edit of products that won't cost the earth. Available in your local Boots or Superdrug stores, these are the best over-the-counter creams for treating eczema.

The NHS describes eczema as a condition which causes skin to become "itchy, red, dry and cracked." It can develop at any time, but many of us may have first experienced it during childhood, where it usually first rears its ugly head. It most commonly affects areas such as hands, insides of the elbows, backs of the knees and the face and scalp.

While those suffering badly with eczema are advised to visit their doctor for advice and potentially prescription creams and medications, there are a number of over the counter formulas you can get your hands on without spending too much money in the process.

I have picked out the top rated and those that have become my personal favourites, below.