These 7 UK Holiday Destinations Are Home To Thriving LGBTQIA+ Communities

by Alice Broster
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It is a miracle that the Bank Holidays over the last couple of weeks have coincided with some of the nicest weather. Forget hiding indoors trying to fill your four-day weekend with movie marathons, this has been exploring and beer garden weather. I always love a UK getaway. The travel is noncommittal, you don’t have to dig out your passport, and you find hidden gems so close to home. Here are the seven best places for LGBTQIA+ holidays in the UK. It's a blessing that the UK has some of the best gay villages in the world. So whether you are looking for the wildest nights out, the best LGBTQA+ events, the most interesting things to explore in the day, or all of the above, I've got you covered.

I feel a little spoilt as far as LGBTQA+ UK holiday destinations are concerned. Come Pride season, you could do a tour up and down the UK hitting some of the biggest and best parties celebrating one of the most vibrant and diverse communities. However, safety is still a massive thing that many LGBTQA+ still have to consider when they making plans to go away. Here are the seven best places where you are guaranteed to have a great mini-break.



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I couldn’t put a list together about the best destinations for LGBTQA+ people without including Brighton. It's still renowned as one of the safest and most accepting cities in the UK for the LGBTQA+ community. With a gay village that is known around the world, Brighton has been crowned the seventh best LGBT city on the globe. Brighton is also really beautiful. A massively creative city with no shortage of cafés and art spaces. Oh, and then there's the beach, of course.



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I'm slightly bias as a born and bred Mancunion but Manchester has been recognised globally as one of the most LGBTQA+ friendly cities in the world. The gay village, Canal Street, is about as famous as the city itself and is made up of a number of bars, clubs, restaurants, and green spaces along the Rochdale canal. With legendary music venues dotted around the city and incredibly interesting museums and libraries, Manchester makes for an awesome short break destination. Just prepare to be out until sunrise.



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If you are looking for a great cup of tea, friendly faces, and a really good time you can’t go wrong with Leeds. One of the best Pride parades goes through the city each year and the Freedom Quarter is buzzing all year round with events, live performances, club nights, and exhibitions. Leeds really is the heart of the LGBTQA+ community in Yorkshire and feels like a genuinely safe place to be out and proud.



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Edinburgh isn’t only one of the prettiest cities in the UK, it's also a hell of a lot of fun. From spending your days getting lost down little cobbled streets, sitting in cafés, and visiting the castle, you will be up all night too. Much like the city, LGBTQA+ night life in Edinburgh is super quirky. There is something for everyone and the people are so nice.



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Bristol is one of the most creative cities in the UK, making it a super exciting weekend destination. It was also listed in the top 20 best LGBT cities to live in in the UK so there is no shortage of community. With over 40 museums, music venues, and theatres, you will be spoilt for choice for things to do during the day. Frogmore Street marks Bristol's gay centre and has bars, clubs, and restaurants open all hours.



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When it comes to holiday destinations in the UK, they don’t come much better than London. Aside from the usual tourist attractions, there is no shortage of events, exhibitions, and venue openings going on in London all of the time. It was also crowned the best LGBT city in the country by Ampersand Travel. The community is as big and diverse as the city itself, and there is somewhere for everyone. The first ever Trans Pride will take place in the capital in 2019, and the LGBTQA+ nightlife in London is second to none.



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Glasgow Pride is widely recognised as Scotland's biggest Pride celebration and it has been voted Scotland’s most LGBT friendly city. Steeped in history and incredibly beautiful, Glasgow is a really popular destination spot for long weekend travellers. The city is known for being safe and accepting with a thriving LGBTQA+ community. Boasting too many museums, art galleries, music venues, and clubs to count, it makes the perfect weekend getaway.


Whether you are looking for a short weekend getaway or a longer summer break, you don't need to get on a plane to enjoy some of the most inclusive, diverse, LGBTQA+ friendly cities in the UK. There is something satisfying about exploring a city and finding a community of like-minded people so close to home. If you are in need of a little adventure, these seven spots are a good place to start.