7 Beauty Products That'll Fight Jet Leg & Let You Pamper Yourself At 31,000 Feet

by Lollie King

Jet lag is most definitely the demon of any airline trip. After working hard and and looking forward to a well earned period of relaxation, few things are worse than jet lag thwarting your plans and being struck down with extreme fatigue and feeling disorientated. Awful really. But jet lack doesn't only wreck havoc to your mind and soul, it can cause calamities for your skin and beauty regime. The effects of flying and jet lag can really take you from glam to drab so its essential to update your beauty regime accordingly. Here are seven of the best beauty products to combat jet lag's effects.

According to British Airways, "jet lag occurs when the body clock is disrupted by crossing a number of time zones. The symptoms can include fatigue, disorientation and an inability to sleep." We all know just how important a good nights sleep is for our skin and beauty regime, so it's really no wonder our skin can be zapped of its usual glow when jet lag kicks in. So it order to kick the effects of jet lag to the curb, we need to use products with more moisture, that calm and nourish the skin, so we can say goodbye to puffy eyes and flaky skin. Read on for my pick of the best.