7 Pairs Of Shorts That'll Eliminate Chafing Quicker Than You Can Say Talc

Studio Firma / Stocksy

The British summer has crept up on us and thank goodness because I was getting pretty bored of the gloomy days. Brits have long found it difficult to dress for our changing climes. And the style pressures in summer can be pretty intense — looking good and staying cool is quite a task. Shorts are of course a summer staple, but wearing them can come with a pretty uncomfortable side-effect. So what are the best shorts to avoid chafing?

It's easy to have a love-hate relationship with shorts. They look great and can really complete a summer look but sometimes the chafing is so bad that it's not even worth it. Summer is a cruel mistress. Why does bare leg weather mean such discomfort? It's seriously not fair. But put down your talcum powder, lube, and any other chafing remedies because it is possible to wear shorts without total agony. The trick to finding the perfect pair of shorts to counteract the chafing is in the cut of the shorts and the material they're made from. More restrictive shapes and styles are generally more likely to cause chafing, so this summer it's time to set your thighs free.