7 Colourful Jumpers Under £30 Because Brrr, It's Cold In Here

Topshop; BooHoo; New Look

Brrr, it's cold in here, I said there must be some hot fash in the atmosphere? Yes, there is babe. Don't worry, we have the intel on where to get some cosy AF threads that will help you keep wrapped up outside but also toasty inside which will help you avoid turning the heating on for as long as possible. If, you're anything like me, the thought of slipping into shorter days, longer nights, darker colours, neutral colours, boring colours is like, the actual worst. So, you need a nice selection of colourful jumpers under £30 to warm up your body, your complexion, your wardrobe, and your day. Who said your autumn/winter wardrobe needs to be depressing?

With many people affected by SAD, bright colours are important as they are actually proven to lift your mood. Real talk! Actual research has been done into how throwing on a bit of colour can help you turn that big old frown upside down and get you excited for your day.

And what's the only thing more important than a jumper making you feel hot in all the right ways and cheering you up? Why it being affordable of course! Yes! So I promise you that you won't be parting with more than £30. Well, as long as you only buy one.

Asos Design Oversized Jumper In Bright Stripe


This cosy AF piece is both warm and wonderful. Providing enough colours that it will go with absolutely everything. Best worn with a pair of trousers/jeans that will pick up one of the colours in this little slice of stripy heaven. It's available in a UK size 4 to 18.

Plus Leopard Knitted Jumper


Who doesn't look good in red? I remember once being told to go to an interview dressed entirely in red in order to show confidence. Did I get the job? No. Did I look and feel amazing even though I had tanked my interview? Yes. This gorgeous piece is available in sizes 16-24 and is best worn with red, red, and more red.

Yellow Slouchy Neon Jumper

New Look

Sorry just one moment while I sprint to New Look... OK, sorry I am back at my desk. OK, just kidding, but OMG have you seen this thing? Just when you thought you had enough neon, you realised no such thing. Neon. Slouchy. Yellow. Ugh get on my body. This is available in a small, medium, and large.

Grid Cropped Jumper

Forever 21

OK, so maybe a jumper that fails to cover your navel is not the most sensible choice but a) high waisted trousers are in (thank god) and b) look at this thing. I imagine pairing it with a high waisted brightly coloured print skirt, like maybe a polka dot or animal print and a cute AF Dr Martens because yes babe, they go with everything. This one is running out fast and is currently only left in a medium and large.

Cosy Round Neck Jumper

Marks & Spencer

OK so I am absolutely a print nut and there is no denying that but also guys, the strength in block colours is real. This gorgeous piece is not only affordable but is absolutely ideal for some hardcore stylish clashing, and is available from small through to extra large.

Morning Side Knit Sweater Dress

Nasty Gal

Live your Nasty Gal best life in this jumper that says "I don't want to have to wear anything else today" (available in small, medium, and large). Yes, the lazy woman's dream this is a jumper that is also a dress. How good can life get I mean those turquoise accents are giving me actual chills.

Super Soft Ribbed Roll Neck Jumper


Who said blue is for boys? Go for effortless elegance in this chic AF jumper which is both cosy and smart (available in a UK size 4 to 18). All you need is a redonk huge cup of coffee, some stylish printed jeans, big earrings, and you are basically a media professional.

No matter what your budget is, or what your wardrobe is saying, there is no reason for you to be chilly or boring this winter season.