7 Creepy London Underground Stories That Will Have You Replanning Your Next Journey

Javier Díez/Stocksy

The city of London is a never-ending source of history that dates back centuries, with the majority of it teeming right beneath your very feet — and not in a good way. Although it's considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, England's capital has a pretty dark and, quite frankly, scary AF past. And because of what happened way back when, there are so many places that are now considered to be haunted. Ever heard some of the creepy London Underground stories from staff past and present? Well, brace yourself, because you're about to.

Over the years, terrified Transport for London employees and passengers have reported countless occurrences of alleged paranormal activity. They've seen, heard, and experienced things that have totally freaked them out. After hearing their stories, some believe there are perfectly logical explanations. However, the fact is, not everything can be explained 100 percent of the time, and some people think that the strange goings-on may have something to do with the tube’s grisly past.

You see, while building the London Underground, workers accidentally unearthed several mass burial sites. "Various resources hold that there are a number of places where engineers hit bodies," reports the BBC. And according to Peter Ackroyd's 2012 book London Under, the tube "system passes through many burial grounds and plague pits."

Could the underground's dark history have something to do with today's spooky goings-on?

Apologies if I've freaked you out, but this feature is about to get a whole lot worse. Below, I've sourced seven of the creepiest London Underground stories around. Perhaps don't continue reading if you're about to go to bed — or get on the tube for that matter.