7 Deaf Beauty Vloggers You Should Be Following
by Gina Jones 2

There are literally thousands of beauty channels to follow, and it's hard to find ones that break the mold. Interestingly, there are plenty of diverse folks in the beauty vlogging realm, including a group of deaf beauty YouTubers who just might be changing the game.

The brilliant thing about beauty is how inclusive it can be — anyone can pick up an eye shadow from a dollar store and figure out how to use it. It's a world that, especially online, doesn't discriminate. It's undoubtedly worth celebrating those who are involved with beauty online and use their platform to share different kinds of beauty from all walks of life.

These deaf vloggers push it one step farther than simply captioning on YouTube videos, providing a unique perspective for their followers. Following deaf YouTubers who include closed captions and sign language feels revolutionary — it's a way to bring content to folks who may not be able to access it otherwise. Not only can you support these fellow beauty lovers by subscribing, but you can learn more about those different to you while accumulating tips and tricks on skincare and makeup. Check them out below.



Marimar Quiora or MakeupArtistGorda666 is well known online for her stunning makeup tutorials that feature glamorous looks that anyone can recreate. As a deaf woman, Quiora makes her videos without the typical voice over, as well as producing vlogs in sign language.


Deafies In Drag

This YouTube account does exactly what it says on the tin - two deaf drag queens who perform skits and YouTube challenges alongside some particularly stunning makeup tutorials. This channel includes sign language as well as their own captioning, to make sure everyone is welcome.



Jazzy's first language is British Sign Language (which differs from American Sign Language) but don't let that worry you — Jazzy also captions all her videos so they can be understood by all English speakers and signers. Her vlogs feature many lifestyle and diary posts, but her beauty posts are filled with tips and tricks everyone can use.


Louis Jenson

As a genderfluid and gay YouTuber, Louis Jenson serves as proof intersectionality is present in parts of the beauty world. On his channel, Jenson shows you his techniques slowly and deliberately, with product names captioned and final result that is truly stunning.

Speaking to Bustle via email, Jenson reiterated the important of deaf representation: "There is so much I can say about the beauty blog community while being deaf! One thing I can say is how me being deaf has had a huge impact on me joining the online makeup industry. As of today, it can be hard to learn about makeup while being deaf due to many things, such as a vast majority of beauty videos not having captions, bloggers forgetting to show the names of their products, or even just the hassle of trying to get help from professionals."

He continues, "This is the reason I started my Instagram/YouTube. I knew it was important for me to create content for my Deaf/Hard of Hearing peers that was accessible to them. I am small & new in the makeup world, but that gives me the freedom to really connect with the people who see my content. I am always doing live tutorials on Facebook to help people understand me clearly, and I list all of the products I use for people to be able to read. It is something that not only has helped me grow, but so many of my fellow Deaf/Hard of Hearing peers as well."


Laurita Always

Although Laura of Laurita Always tends to update her blog more than her YouTube channel, the blogger has plenty of vlogs that are totally worth checking out. Laura shows each product, front and back, to the camera for you to follow products and technique during her tutorials.


Megg Rose

This channel may not have updated in two years, but the archives of makeup tutorials in American Sign Language by a certified makeup artist are definitely worth your time. Not only that, but Megg Rose also uses her platform to promote positivity for all deaf people.


Ashlyn Walker

Ashlyn Walker may be new to the beauty vlogging scene, but her infectious personality will make you want to smash that subscribe button. Speaking in American Sign Language, Walker explains that she always wanted to see more deaf beauty vloggers and so, she's going to become one.

From positive representation to providing content that is accessable to more and more people, the importance of deaf YouTubers doesn't need to be reiterated. After all, representation matters.