These Eco-Friendly Activewear Brands Will Make You Feel Fly & Virtuous AF

by Lauren Sharkey

Now that most of us are well aware of the state of the planet and the lack of opportunity for some of the people living on it, it's time to start thinking real hard about our purchases. Buying sustainably is getting slightly easier when it comes to things like food and regular clothes. But sourcing eco-friendly items to wear to the gym can be a little trickier, which is strange because there's plenty of them. The following ethical activewear brands are all doing their part to help both people and the planet.

Many source and manufacture designs locally, ensuring that carbon emissions are kept low and working conditions remain fair. Fabrics, too, are a huge part of a sustainable ethos. Instead of using regular cotton, many brands are looking to the properties of bamboo as well as experimenting with the masses of plastic waste that swirls in Earth's oceans.

A few labels are even looking to help people, especially women, escape a life of poverty. By donating to local foundations and providing loans to local people themselves, individuals are able to launch the project they have been dreaming of and generate an income for their families.

Who knew that a simple sports bra could do so much?


Here's to a more mindful year.