7 Ethical Activewear Brands To Know About In 2019, Because You Can Work Out Sustainably

Now that most of us are well aware of the state of the planet and the lack of opportunity for some of the people living on it, it's time to start thinking real hard about our purchases. Buying sustainably is getting slightly easier when it comes to things like food and regular clothes. But sourcing eco-friendly items to wear to the gym can be a little trickier, which is strange because there's plenty of them. The following ethical activewear brands are all doing their part to help both people and the planet.

Many source and manufacture designs locally, ensuring that carbon emissions are kept low and working conditions remain fair. Fabrics, too, are a huge part of a sustainable ethos. Instead of using regular cotton, many brands are looking to the properties of bamboo as well as experimenting with the masses of plastic waste that swirls in Earth's oceans.

A few labels are even looking to help people, especially women, escape a life of poverty. By donating to local foundations and providing loans to local people themselves, individuals are able to launch the project they have been dreaming of and generate an income for their families.

Who knew that a simple sports bra could do so much?

1Bella Kinesis

Pyramid Bra

Bella Kinesis

Bella Kinesis seamlessly blends colour into comfortable sportswear. Founded by two women, Roshni Assomull and Shaleena Chanrai, the brand manufactures each of its designs in Yorkshire and works with an organisation in India to fund female financial independence. For each item sold, Bella Kinesis donates $5 to the Mann Deshi Foundation. This is enough to pay for a month of business education for a woman living in rural India. Sizes are available in UK 6 to 14.


Revival Leggings - Bali


Milochie is one of the few activewear brands to actually produce its own fabric. Named Miloflex, it is made of 92 percent Tencel; a fabric that comes from the wood pulp of beech trees. The brand defines it as "softer than silk but cooler than linen" and boasts the material's anti-bacterial properties, meaning each item will smell fresh for more than one wear. Factories are based in Portugal and Germany with each worker paid a fair wage under EU law. Even the packaging is ethical with designs wrapped in paper and sent to your door in recycled mail bags. Tops, sports bras, leggings, and shorts are all available with sizes ranging from a UK 6 to 14.


Blouson Tee - Amber


Asquith's comfy designs are stretchy, breathable, and, most importantly, chemical-free. Founded in 2002, the brand focuses on yoga wear but also sells a bunch of garments that can be worn for a casual day, both in and out of the house. Each design is made in a family-run factory in Turkey and utilises organic cotton or bamboo. Sizes come in UK 6 to 18.


Macchiato Leggings


Starseeds started its 'made in Europe' activewear business in 2014. Focusing on super soft eco-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo, the brand ensures that each garment has been tested by a professional yoga practitioner before releasing it into the wider world. (So say goodbye to any embarrassing mid-class rips.) Its production studios are based in Portugal and Eastern Europe and are regularly visited by staff to ensure working conditions are fair. Packaging, too, is sustainable with tags made from bamboo tape and bags composed of a mixture of recycled paper and almond shells. Sizing ranges from a UK 8 to a UK 16.


Core Long Sleeve Crop


Adrenna aims to provide a solution to mass production and fashion's inherent waste problem. By producing only what it can sell, it ensures every piece of fabric is put to good use. All designs are produced locally, cutting down on carbon emissions too. If that wasn't enough, every fabric mill Adrenna works with only uses eco-friendly and non-toxic dyes. Garments are available in a UK 6 to 16.

6GRN Sportswear

The Real GRN Cycle Women's Jersey


If you've decided to take up cycling this year and are struggling to find a sustainable design, you're in luck. GRN Sportswear tries to keep its supply chain in Britain so it can closely monitor working conditions. It currently utilises craftspeople in the Midlands, a mill in Nottingham, and a factory in Leicester. Many of the fabrics GRN uses are also ethically-minded. Whether it's finding ways to incorporate recycled plastic bottles or fishing nets into cycling gear or infusing a T-shirt with bamboo, GRN has plenty of ideas. Sizes available in UK 6 to 16.

7Ruby Moon

Ysabel Multi Sports Crop Top

Ruby Moon

Ruby Moon's fitness wear uses materials made from recycled ocean waste. As well as saving the seas, the company takes 100 percent of its net profits and gives them to women living in 13 countries across the world. This financial aid acts as a loan to help women launch businesses and kickstart a new life for them and their families. Sizing is available in a UK 6 to 20.

Here's to a more mindful year.