7 Everyday Wins That Are Definitely Worth Celebrating


These days, it feels like we’re always trying to chase down big wins. From getting the ever-coveted corner office to winning first place in a race, our culture loves to celebrate major life accomplishments.

And sure, hitting it big is great. But what if the key to happiness is also honoring the smaller moments in between? Sometimes it's all about a simple hug, sharing a meal with a friend, or building a bonfire on the final night of summer. When you're actually looking for them, these moments pop up more often than you would think, and all together, they add up to some seriously noteworthy feelings of joy.

That’s why Bustle has teamed up with the DQ® brand to help you recognize that all wins should be celebrated equally, no matter how commonplace they may be. From your morning commute to your bedtime routine, every day is filled opportunities worth celebrating.

Read on for the moments that'll bring you joy if you let them.

Hitting All Green Lights On Your Morning Commute
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You know those days when no matter how early you set your alarm clock, you still can’t get out the door in time? We’ve all been there. Sometimes though, the stars align and you’re awarded a straight shot of green lights all the way to your office. Bonus points if you're somehow able to make it into the office before that 9 a.m. meeting.

Running Into An Old Friend
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Old friends are the best: they knew you when you were young, and they probably still remember your favorite color from second grade. (Yes, glitter is absolutely a color.) Next time you run into a friend from your past, try not to take it for granted. Instead, create a new memory by inviting them to go get a crave-worthy treat just like you did when you were a kid (did someone say DQ® Blizzard® Treat?). I promise you won't regret it.

Cuddling Up In Warm, Just-Washed Sheets

This one is so simple, but there’s honestly nothing like sliding into a freshly made bed after you’ve just cleaned your sheets. Everything is so warm and cozy, plus you get to celebrate the fact that you finally did your laundry, which makes it a double-win.

Getting A Compliment From Your Boss

Sure, raises are great, but sometimes a compliment from the right person is enough to make you feel on top of the (professional) world. Next time your boss gives you shoutout for a task, no matter how small, pay attention. Then write it down so you can give yourself a little confidence boost next time you’re feeling down. And don't forget to collect these compliments and bring them to your next annual review to get that much-deserved raise!

Having Exact Change

It feels like we never pay with change anymore. Next time you’re making a smaller purchase, try looking into your wallet to see if you can find the exact amount due. There's something so oddly satisfying about counting it out to the last penny, handing over a perfect amount of bills and coins, and saying, “No change necessary.” Pure joy, right?

Pro tip: Use those extra dollars you didn't have to break to reward yourself with a sweet afternoon pick-me-up at a DQ® store.

Landing The Perfect High-Five

Have you ever landed the perfect high-five? You know, the one where you don’t even have to look at your partner’s elbow (It's a thing!) to get your hands to match up? As far as I'm concerned, that’s totally a win. And you know the perfect way to celebrate? With another high-five.

Remembering To Send A (Real) Birthday Card To A Friend

In the era of texting and e-cards, there's something magical about picking out the perfect greeting card and penning some personalized well wishes for a good friend. So next time you remember your bestie's birthday and surprise them by dropping a fun note in the mail, savor the moment — and then add your other friends' big days to you calendar so you can stick to this special tradition.

Keep an eye out and you may be surprised where you'll find your next moment of joy.


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