7 Fall Self-Care Activities For September & Beyond

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As the weather gets chillier and we settle into cooler days and nights, it’s the perfect time of year to reflect on some self-care goals for fall. Self-care is one of those things that gives back exponentially with time — the longer we practice it, the more we get out of it. And since stress is a pretty dang inevitable part of life, honoring our self-care practices, while honing our ability to respond to challenges in healthy and proactive ways, makes all the difference in our quality of life in the long run. Seriously, learning how to deal with stress while taking great care of ourselves is an absolutely key skill set for life, and #adulting in general.

And the beauty of self-care is this: it can be so very simple, cheap, and doesn’t need to even take much time. Weaving different practices throughout your day can work really well — a few minutes of meditation here, fifteen minutes of journaling there. There’s so much we can do to help ease rattled nerves, promote an optimistic mindset, and help care for our bodies in super loving ways, even as we juggle all the demands that day-to-day life brings. So, in honor of Self-Care Awareness Month this September, here are seven fall self-care activities for September and beyond.


Warm Up & Get Cozy

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Self-care is a must all year round, but some self-care activities are especially perfect for those months when we need to warm up as we decompress. Sipping hot tea from your favorite mug, and snuggling up under piles of blankets for a great reading sesh or movie night, is perfect for when the days start getting shorter and temperatures drop.


Bake Fresh Bread

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The cooler months are perfect for spending more time in the kitchen, if that's your thing. And there are few things as satisfying as some type of freshly baked bread or baked good. Cooking and baking are great self-care practices — you get to nourish your body, feel cozy, and engage in something creative all at once. Win-win!


Learn To Knit

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Knitting is a great, tech-free way to occupy yourself in a creative way, while taking a break from your phone and devices. And what's even cozier than curling up with some yarn and knitting needles? You can make cozy scarves, socks, and hats for you and your loved ones as the (even colder) winter months approach.


Take A Foliage-Hued Hike

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While it's not quite cold *yet*, the leaves will be turning sooner than you can say back to school. Getting outside is a great way to de-stress and stay active, while also enjoying the unique beauty of the fall season.


Learn A New l

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Now that you'll be spending more time indoors, it's the perfect time to start those coding or foreign language lessons you've always wanted to take, right? Continuing to cultivate our talents and interests throughout life is a key component to self-care. By pursuing the things we love to do, we keep our brains sharp while having fun in the process.


Take A Hot Bath

A leisurely bath is one of the best ways to wind down before bed (or kinda whenever). Add some bath salts, candles, and your favorite spa playlist, and you're all set.


Schedule In Some Naps

Getting adequate rest is one of the best possible ways to take care of ourselves. And what's better than a cozy AF nap when the wind is blowing outside? Lifehacker notes that the perfect nap is neither too long or short, and can help boost creativity while relieving stress.


No matter what your favorite self-care activities might be, fall is the perfect time to embrace some new ones, while indulging in your cozy favorites. And with great a self-care practice in place, you're sure to gracefully weather any challenges that the colder months might bring your way.