7 Inspiring AF Fashion Podcasts That Even Miranda Priestly Would Love


Once upon a time, everyone was busy mindlessly scrolling through social media on their way to work. Now, the thing to do is listen to a podcast. You've got your true crime series, cultural commentary, and even an entire podcast on the phenomenon that is Love Island. However, the fashion genre is my all-time favourite, leading me to create a list of the best fashion podcasts to listen to on your way to work.

Fashion is often overlooked in the world of podcasting. A subject matter that is sometimes seen as frivolous, fashion is actually full of interesting tales that can teach you a life lesson or two.

While bloggers and journalists started off the trend, designers and even brands are now adding their own podcasts to the mix. A quick scroll through the many productions on offer results in a beautiful-sounding trip through John Galliano's mind, riotous discussions that will leave you laughing and questioning in equal measure, and behind-the-scenes looks into high street brands like good old Marks & Spencer.

With most just long enough to take up your entire journey to and from work, add a few of these to your listening list and prepare to be both entertained and educated.


'The M&S Podcast'

Marks & Spencer

Simply named, these bite-sized episodes delve into the world of one of the UK's most popular high street brands. The podcast aims to educate people all about Marks & Spencer's various initiatives including sustainability as well as the history of the British high street.

So far, three series have been announced with each featuring six episodes. The first will focus on eco-friendly topics including the implications of using fabrics like cotton. The second will talk about the high street in all its glory and why it is now struggling. And the third is still in development, but keep your eyes (or should I say ears) peeled.

Listen to the podcast here.


'The Business Of Fashion'

The Business of Fashion

Anyone who's heavily into fashion will have heard of the industry bible that is The Business of Fashion. Its podcast still focuses on business-related news but interviews a wide range of people and opens up discussions around some rather taboo topics.

Think Kim Kardashian talking for almost an hour about her beauty empire, an eye-opening talk on why streetwear is all the rage right now, and celebrity stylists discussing the red carpet and #MeToo and you're on the right track.

Listen to the podcast here.


'The Cutting Room Floor'

The Cutting Room Floor

Up-and-coming American designer Recho Omondi has taken the problem of fashion's refusal to speak openly into her own hands. Despite only releasing a few episodes, she has managed to speak to huge industry names including the duo behind famous Instagram account Diet Prada, as well as celebrity stylists.

Each episode is a no holds barred look into issues like whether fashion criticism is truly dead, and how the industry can fully embrace diversity.

Listen to the podcast here.


'Fashion Hags'

Fashion Hags

Put three fashion-obsessed people in a room and what do you get? A tongue-in-cheek look at the fashion industry's highs and lows. Vancouver trio Abby, Evan, and Katie are funny and informative; a rare combination.

In their humorously titled podcast, they talk about everything from why the world goes mad on Black Friday and the future of the industry to how certain brands have adopted feminism for profit and ways these issues can be improved.

Listen to the podcast here.


'The Memory Of... With John Galliano'

Maison Margiela

World-famous designer John Galliano has had his ups and downs in life. But now, he has risen to the top once again as the creative director of Maison Margiela.

A luxury brand releasing its very own podcast is one thing. But a luxury brand that has a podcast combining a fascinating individual with some definite ASMR relaxation techniques is another. Just listening to Galliano speak is enough to put you in a trance, however, add in some special audio effects and you'll be mesmerised in no time.

The podcast features the designer talking about the thinking behind some of his most recent collections. Only two episodes have been released so far but here's hoping there'll be plenty more.

Listen to the podcast here.


'Unravel: A Fashion Podcast'


Unlike the rest, this one has been around for a few years now. Starting in 2015, the fashion history-themed series has blossomed and now features a wide range of experts talking about the things they love.

This can be anything from a priest examining fashion's current obsession with religion to mini episodes describing the historical background of a cult item like a T-shirt. Pure magic.

Listen to the podcast here.


'Fashion No Filter'

Fashion No Filter

The fashion industry is notorious for its secretive ways. But Instagram-famous figures Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley wanted to open up about a few things. So they created a podcast that goes heavily into detail about the murky world of social media influencers and eco-friendly fashion. Oh, and there's a great episode giving you all the inside goss on what it's really like to attend the elusive haute couture fashion week.

The episodes release pretty infrequently but aren't much more than half an hour, making them ideal for a train, bus, or even car journey.

Listen to the podcast here.


With new podcasts releasing almost every week, this list is sure to grow and grow. Now all I need to do is buy a pair of headphones that actually work.