7 Free Running Apps To Help You Track Your Progress
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Training for a road race is rewarding, and it's also hard AF. If one of your fitness goals is to run a race, there are some pretty boss free running apps to help you train for a 10K. Because, you need some support, and in this case, technology totally has your back. If you have friends who are also runners, or you follow running hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, you've probably seen users post their daily progress via running apps.

While it might seem like they're bragging, using an app and posting your run on social media can not only help keep you accountable, it can also help you connect with other runners. Running apps allow you to set personal goals, design a training regimen that's right for you, and track your progress all the way up to the big day. "It’s hard to beat the feeling of setting a goal, crushing it, and then letting your friends know," Nike noted on its website. "Even if you don’t have a physical running group, your friends can cheer you on through Facebook and check out your post-run photos on Twitter and Instagram."

What's more, if you don't have time to join a running club, and you're having a hard time going it alone, running apps can act as your digital bestie. If it helps, you can even name your running app something like Sylvia, and make a date to run with Sylvia every day. What's more, your running-app BAE will always cheer you on and never tell you that you're not doing well enough. Ready to download? Here are the best free running apps to help you train for a 10K.


Nike + Run Club

The Nike + Run Club app for iPhone and Android has almost five stars on iTunes, and acts as your own personal running coach. The app includes GPS tracking of your runs, audio guided running workouts, weekly and monthly distance challenges to keep you motivated, and customized coaching plans that fit your goals and adapt to your progress, according to the app description on iTunes.

Download the Nike + Running app for iPhone and Android.



If you need a digital personal trainer that motivates you to go the extra mile, Endomondo is going to be your jam. This app "turns your phone into a personal trainer in your pocket — ideal for running, cycling, walking, and other distance sports," the app explained on its website. "Connecting with a friend adds another layer of motivation and encouragement."

Download Endomondo for iPhone and Android.



Want to make your 10K training fan-frickin-tastic? Then you're going to want to download the Runtastic GPS Running app. This app has both a free and premium feature, and helps you track your progress, discover new routes, share your runs, and more. Additionally, Runtastic has tons of other workout-specific apps you can add if your 10K training involves more than running.

Download the Runtastic GPS Running app for iPhone and Android.



RunKeeper from Asics is a favorite among all types of runners. It's an ideal app for training because it tracks your runs, gives you audio cues about your pace and distance, and even designs personal challenges based on your progress to help you meet your goals so you're ready for race day.

Download RunKeeper for iPhone and Android.


5K to 10K

If you've already got a 5K under your belt, and you're training for a 10K, the 5K to 10K app claims to get you race-ready in as little as nine weeks with 30-to-70 minutes of training three days a week. You can track your pace and distance, set goals, and even listen to your favorite playlist during your training sessions.

Download 5K to 10K for iTunes and Android.


Fitness22 Couch To 10K

If you think you need more than nine weeks to get ready for your 10K, the Fitness22 Couch to 10K app promises to get you race-ready in 14 weeks. If you're totally new to running, this app will provide support every step of the way. Fitness22 also has tons of other fitness apps that you can integrate into your training regimen.

Download Fitness22 Couch To 10K for iTunes and Android.



If you follow runners on social media, you've probably seen this app a lot. It's continually been named one of the top apps for runners, and has more than 50 million users. MapMyRun from Under Armour tracks your progress and offers stats to help you improve your performance, discover and map new running routes, choose from hundreds of workouts, get inspiration from other runners, and more. If you're working toward running a 10K, there's no reason to go it alone. Download your own personal coach to help you get closer to the finish line.

Download MapMyRun for iPhone and Android.

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