7 Happy Meal Toys That Are Worth Money Now

by Mia Mercado
Tim Boyle/Getty Images News/Getty Images // EBAY

The joy of getting a McDonald’s Happy Meal as a kid was two fold. Not only did you successfully convince your parents to take you to the holy land of chicken nuggets, you also got a toy as a trophy of your conquest. However, your battle likely did not end there. Convincing your parents not to inevitably throw away your Happy Meal toy likely involved some line about the toy definitely holding monetary value someday. Having '90s toys that are actually worth something now is the only reason your parents still have your collection of Beanie Babies and why you didn’t immediately perform an exorcism on your Furby.

However, not all Happy Meal toys are just plastic trinkets still covered in french fry remnants. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of them are. Everyone and their parents have giant Tupperware containers full of old, hamburger-smelling mini figurines. The market demand isn’t there for just any old Happy Meal toy. But if you happen to have one of the chosen few toys, you could be sitting on a few extra bucks.

It’s not just the vintage Happy Meal toys that could score you some spare cash. Earlier this year, adults across the country were trying to figure out how to get a Super Mario Happy Meal Toy without actually eating a Happy Meal. According the UK’s official McDonald’s website, you can buy a Happy Meal toy separately if you go up to the counter and ask. But also, like, be an adult and just buy a Happy Meal. It’s fine. Nobody’s going to arrest you for buying a kids’ meal even though you are an adult. I’ve checked.

Should you find yourself rummaging through your childhood belongings, here are seven Happy Meal toys to keep an eye out for. As your childhood self hoped, today is the “one day” that they could actually be worth something.


Power Rangers Toys

Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Happy Meal Toys, $35, Ebay

I was so, so in love with all of the Power Rangers. Pretty sure my pink ranger and yellow ranger Happy Meal toys kicked Barbie out of her dream house and claimed the residence as their own. If you happen to still have your Power Ranger Happy Meal toy and you for some reason don’t want it anymore, they’re going for about $35 on eBay. In case you need a refresher, each toy included a small Power Rangers figurine as well as the character’s ninjazord (AKA the animal/automobile thing they transformed into). Go go, Power Rangers.


‘101 Dalmatians’ Figurines

Disney 101 Dalmations Happy Meal Boxed Set, $150, Ebay

Should you happen to have the complete boxed set of ‘101 Dalmatians’ Happy Meal toys, one is currently being sold on eBay for $149. If you're like "what's a complete boxed set even look like," see the image above. If you're like "what's a person who wants a complete boxed set of '101 Dalmatians' Happy Meal toys even look like," there are 31 people currently watching the item. I’m telling you, the market is there for those Pongo and Perdita figurines.


Peanuts Toys

Snoopy World Tour Happy Meal Toys, $291, Ebay

These 1989 Charlie Brown and Snoopy Happy Meal toys are on eBay for $19.99. While obviously not a ~*gold mine*~ $20 is certainly more than the cost of a Happy Meal. There’s also this set of Snoopy World Tour Happy Meal toys from 1998 that’s being sold for $315. No, I didn’t forget a decimal point. Someone is trying to sell these toys for literally hundreds of dollars. However, it doesn’t look like there are any current bids, so that price range might be a little bold.


Basically Any Complete Set of Minions Toys

Despicable Me Happy Meal Toys, $7, Ebay

If you found your adult self ordering a Happy Meal while 'Despicable Me' toys were included, you might want to dig through your car to see if you dropped a Minion anywhere in there. Really. Almost 200 people have bought this complete set of Despicable Me 3 minions for $34.99. You could also get bold and try to sell a set of minion Happy Meal toys for $350. But, like the Snoopy toys, not sure you’re going to get people that desperate for some minions.



In case you weren’t haunted enough by your full-sized Furby, McDonald’s offered these mini Furbies as Happy Meal toys in 1999. If you happened to save an unhealthy amount Furbies, perhaps you could try to sell them as a set, like this eBay seller whose listing of 80 McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Furbies is going for $899.99. For the cost of rent in the Midwest, this set of multicolored toy demons could be yours!


Teenie Beanie Boos

Not to be confused with the Teenie Beanie Babies of your youth, these Teenie Beanie Boos Happy Meal toys are from 2017. Again, if you happened upon a McDonald’s drive thru, perhaps in 3 a.m. desperation, and found yourself the proud parent of one of these plush critters, you also have about $50 on your hands. Some of these toys are currently being sold on eBay for $48.06.



Changeables Happy Meal Toys, $37, Ebay

These Happy Meal treasures included such greats as a toy hamburger that transformed into a dinosaur. Iconic. Would you like to adorn your adult work space other such classics as toy box of hotcakes that turn into a pterodactyl? These '90s Happy Meal Changeables could be yours for $28. On the flip side, you could make about thirty extra bucks if you still have a few of these laying around.