7 Heroic Acts Of Kindness During Hurricane Irma That Will Bring You To Tears

by Cate Carrejo

Right on the heels of its recent counterpart Harvey, Hurricane Irma has moved slowly but destructively through the Atlantic for the past week. As the damage spreads, people are coming together to help their neighbors, the small silver lining around all this tragedy. And in particular, seven heroic acts of kindness during Hurricane Irma may inspire you to be a part of the recovery efforts yourself.

Irma made clear early on that it was a powerful storm, and has been living up to that reputation since first making landfall several days ago. The storm slammed much of the Caribbean and the state of Florida, and now it looks like it's headed north toward Georgia and the Carolinas. At least 33 people are confirmed dead across the Caribbean, and the death toll may rise as the storm continues forward. Through it all, however, people have shown up to help one another, even while going through trauma themselves.

Use these heroic actions to motivate you toward bold action yourself in the wake of the hurricane. Whether it's organizing a fundraising drive or flying down to help people gut the inside of their homes, try to really challenge yourself and make an impact on the recovery effort. So, let these stories of people helping others during this tragedy help you to do the same.

These Reporters Who Saved Dolphins On The Beach

TODAY show correspondent Kerry Sanders and a team of civilians helped rescue two dolphins who had washed ashore in Marco Island, Florida

Plus Dozens Of Other Animal Rescues

Zoo animals rode out the storm in jail cells while average citizens took dozens of cats and dogs out of shelters to protect them.

An 8-Year-Old Saved Her Family From A Fire

According to local Fox affiliate station WSVN, a young girl prevented her family from dying in a house fire that was caused by electrical issues from the early effects of storm, even though the blaze actually occurred a few days before Irma hit. The family was sleeping when the fire started, but the girl, who was not named in her interview, was able to wake her family and get them to safety before the fire took their home.

This First Responder Who Stopped To Pick Up An American Flag

It isn't quite life-saving or anything, but the gesture is inspiring. While the American flag doesn't always conjure the best associations, it can be a rallying point in a time of crisis to remind the people affected by this disaster that they are not alone.

The Governor Of The British Virgin Islands Who Spearheaded The Relief Effort


According to British newspaper The Daily Express, the governor of the British Virgin Islands is "being viewed as a bit of a hero" within the small Caribbean community. Augustus “Gus” Jaspert was only appointed governor last year by former Prime Minister David Cameron, but he reportedly "rolled his sleeves up and personally directed operation" after much of the islands' government and infrastructure collapsed.

Kristen Bell Evacuated Multiple Families From The Storm

Bell evacuated her Frozen co-star Josh Gad's family from their home in Hollywood, Florida and got them a room at her hotel in Orlando. She also visited a shelter and sang her hit song from Frozen, "For The First Time In Forever," for evacuees there.

The Thousands Of Volunteers & First Responders Who Are Out There Saving Lives

Though not all of their stories can be told, there are thousands of first responders across the southeast United States and the Caribbean saving lives and caring for people once they are safe. They and the victims need every means of support that can be provided right now, so do all that you can to help these communities get back to normal.