7 Indestructible Squeaky Dog Toys


Dogs love to play with anything they can get their hands on — rope toys, tennis balls, stuffed animals, and random shiny objects. However, if you have a chew-happy pup, you can hardly get toys out of the package before they’re decimated. You need indestructible squeaky dog toys that will last forever.

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. Most squeaky toys aren’t designed to be indestructible. Fuzzy toys, for example, tend to shed, shred, and clump. At some point or another, you’ve probably experienced that day where you came home and found bits of fluff and yarn scattered around the living room in tiny Hansel and Gretel bits, leading straight to your dog’s guilty face.

Rope toys with squeakers attached are slightly more durable; however, the rope usually ends up getting strewn all over the floor in wads of slobber-bound threads and the squeaker itself typically gets separated within the first hour. Disc-shaped squeaky toys end up punctured and chewed through on one side until they’re no longer throwable. Kongs present a sturdier choice but they lack squeakers and are so stiff most dogs find them boring. Alas, there are very few squeaky toys that are able to go the distance.

Fear not, however, there are indeed some dog toys that do it all — they're just a bit harder to find. Here's a list of the best options out there for dog lovers who want indestructible toys that squeak, too.

1. For Frisbee-Lovers: JW Pet, Whirlwheel Flying Disk Dog Toy

If you've got a frisbee chaser in your household, this doggy disc will be the perfect combination of squeaky toy, frisbee, and indestructible orb of steel. Made with ultra-sturdy rubber and infused with vanilla extract (because why not?), the flying toy can be tossed, spun, and rolled on the ground. It has a squeaky ball in the middle and is virtually impossible to destroy, and the flexible wheel shape makes it great for tug-o-war, too.

Promising Review: "I've bought many dog toys in my lifetime, and this is one of the best I've ever found. The dogs love it and despite having been played with VERY roughly for two weeks now, there's not even a tooth mark on it."

2. Train Your Dogs Instincts: PerSuper, Durable Rubber Dog Toy

These awesome squeaky toys look like regular balls, but are specially designed with an irregular shape that's meant to train dogs' hunting and searching instincts by making it difficult to calculate where it will land when it rolls and bounces. Constructed with near bullet-proof food-grade rubber, even large breeds can chew them without fear of mutual assured destruction. The balls float so you can play fetch with them in the water, and they come with two extra squeakers to replace the originals if the first one falls out.

Promising Review: "My lab typically goes through even the hardiest toys in a day (literally). I recently bought her a squeaky Kong and it lasted 6 hours. Alternately, I tried harder toys, but she then wouldn't play with them at all. This ball is the perfect combo of both. It's plyable enough that she can squeak it (nonstop), but durable enough that we've had this ball for almost a month and she hasn't managed to tear it or damage the squeaker at all. Totally worth the minimal cost for a ball that apparently lasts indefinitely (as long as the squeaking doesn't drive you crazy, in the meantime)."

3. A Dog Treat Toy: PetSafe, Sportsmen Squeak 'N' Treat Troog Toy

Constructed with thick, ultra-durable rubber, this sturdy squeaky toy is strong enough for pitbulls, mastiffs, rottweilers, and other muscular breeds, yet playful enough for dogs of all sizes to enjoy. Its boomerang shape features holes on each end for stashing treats that pop out while your pup plays, keeping him engaged by the built-in reward. The flexible material makes the toy bouncy and fun to chase, too.

Promising Review: "We have a VERY aggressive chewer and this is the first toy that he has not been able to destroy the squeaker."

4. A Breath-Freshening Toy: Fluffy Paws, Bone-Shaped Rubber Dental Toy

If your dog's breath is as big of an issue as his tendency to rip toys into oblivion, this dental chew toy is the perfect antidote. Made with hyper-durable rubber covered in bumps designed to clean his teeth, the toy will keep up his dental hygiene while making his soul happy. The toy is nearly impossible to chew through and features differing textures to hold his interest. Best of all, its unique design makes it usable for dogs of all sizes, from mini pinschers to 90-pound dobermans.

Promising Review: "Well made and durable. My 8 months old German Shepherd pretty much destroys anything in sight ... I was skeptical of other's reviews as to how tough this toy is, [but] I was wrong. Highly recommend this toy if you want something that last a little longer than a day."

5. A Tough Plush Toy: goDog, Furballz Plush Dog Toy

Fuzzy toys are often more fun for dogs than unbendable masses of solid rubber, yet plush toys are notoriously impossible to keep intact if you have an aggressive chewer. This extremely sturdy plush toy features top-grade Chew Guard technology. With double-stitched seams, the ball stays together even under the roughest chewing, making it much longer lasting than your average fuzzy toy. It doesn't have any arms, legs, ears, or other delicate body parts that dogs can easily rip off and, although a few Amazon customers noted it does go through a "shedding period," it won't leave your whole house covered in fuzz.

Promising Review: "My dog is a stuffed toy killer. No toys have survived her reign.. except these furballz. I had picked up a pack of three of the medium sizes at sam's club during the holidays. They are all still alive 2 years later!"

6. For Smaller Dogs: Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Squeak Ball

Small dogs often get left out of playing with bigger dogs because the oversized toys are too large for their little mouths. This rubber squeaky toy, however, is on the smaller side compared to other options, so while medium to large dogs can enjoy it, it's really nice for smaller dogs who tend of have less options when it comes to tough, squeaky dog toys.

Promising Review: "Sixteen dollars for a squeaky ball sounds ridiculous, but if you have a dog that loves to play ball, and especially one that squeaks, buy this for your favorite buddy. We have a Corgi dog that is super athletic, and has a motor to play all day long. His favorite thing to play with always involves a squeaker, but as most of you know, squeaker toys don't last very long. His first mission is to always get to the squeaker...destroying it in the process. He's had this ball a couple of weeks, and guess what? It still squeaks!!! It's a little tough to squeak compared to other toys, but like I said, he's a small breed Corgi, and he can make it squeak without any problem. It bounces like crazy and he loves it. It'll last long enough to justify the price compared to regular squeaker tennis balls. If your dog has to have a squeaker ball to play with, latch on to this product."

7. For Extra-Large Dogs: JW Pet, iSqueak Bouncin' Bowlin Pin Dog Toy

Do you have a huge dog who gets bored with small toys? This ginormous bowling pin squeaky toy will finally give your pooch what he or she desires. Created especially for larger breeds, the squeaky toy is made of solid rubber that can withstand rough play sessions with even the most aggressive of chewers. The shape is custom made to fit in a dog's mouth and features a loud squeaker that mimics a duck sound, driving your dog's natural instinct to hunt and chase. Although the toy's firm texture makes the squeak tough to induce, once he figures out how to use it, itll keep him occupied for hours on end.

Promising Review: "I bought this toy hoping for an indestructible rubber chew toy. It’s waybetter and worse than I could have imagined. I have a black German Shepherd that loves trying to tear things apart. Suffice to say that he met his match with this toy. The sad part about that is the squeaker in the toy must have been made by Satan. It is lik a duck call on steroids. It’s so annoying but little odin loves it. After roughly 6 months of non stop chewing and a fire (yes a fire I accidentally burned my shed down while the toy was in it.) this toy is still Odins favorite even though it annoys me.. 5 stars for product quality"

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