7 Things That Can Make You Less Smelly Post-Workout

by Isadora Baum, CHC

If you're anything like I am, you'll be a sweaty mess post-workout or after spending any time at all in the sun. Apart from it being uncomfortable, it can also be embarrassing at times. By knowing a few ways to be less sticky post-workout or on a steamy, humid day, you'll be able to get your body temperature under control and cool yourself down as quickly as possible. There's no need to avoid the sun or quit your workout routine; simply just be more prepared when it comes to a cooling relief.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on maintaining proper hygiene and self-care, as it can leave them feeling fresh, confident, and comfortable. Plus, when you're too sticky in the day, it can lead to other skin conditions, like acne or rashes, that can be embarrassing and unpleasant. So, if you're out all day, under the beating sun, or you're wrapping up a HIIT cardio workout (and leaving behind a pool of sweat, perhaps), make sure to bring some essentials to help you feel less gross and sticky. This is especially helpful if you simply have no time to take a shower. Here are 7 ways to feel less sticky after a workout or hot, summer day.

1. Take A Shower Before Working Out

"Even as counterintuitive as it may seem, take a shower before working out. This will remove any preexisting oils and fragrances that you may have on your body, allowing you to sweat and work out more comfortable," says wellness and health expert at Mattress Firm, Gabriel Garsmith, to Bustle. "Sweat is mostly odorless, microscopic bacteria that is living on your skin is what leads to unsettling odors," Garsmith adds.

2. Avoid Spicy Foods

"Double check your diet. Avoid hot and spicy foods, in addition to alcohol that can contribute to your sticky issue," says Garsmith. "Onion and garlic scents can also linger in your sweat all they way through a workout," Garmsmith adds. Wait until after your sweat session to add some extra flavor to your meals.

3. Bring A Change Of Clothes

Over email with Bustle, Harper Watters, Demi-Soloist of the Houston Ballet, explains that a change of clothes can help you get rid of the sticky mess fast and get into a fresh new pair of clothes. This will help you avoid any stinky odors that could linger post-workout or out in the heat.

4. Swap Your Shoe Insoles

Replace your shoe insoles, says Garsmith. "People often assume B.O. is the issue, when the solution can be as simple as replacing your workout and summer wardrobe. Do a head-to-toe replace. Replace your tops, underwear, under garments, shorts, yoga pants, socks, and shoe insoles," Garsmith recommends for further benefits.

5. Wear Moisture-Wicking Clothes

Over email with Bustle, running coach and personal trainer Susie Lemmer recommends wearing moisture-wicking clothing during workouts and when out and about in the summer heat. This type of material can help you stay less sweaty and sticky (as well as smelly).

6. Use Dry Shampoo

If your hair is soaking (much like mine when I'm in a hot and humid area) following a sweat session, and you don't have time to shower and blow out, spritz some dry shampoo on the strands and in the scalp to freshen up on the spot. This will help you be less sticky and gross feeling when there's no time to rinse off.

7. Wash Your Face With Cold Water

The rush of cold water on your face will not only be refreshing and help you cool off, but it'll also do the job of getting rid of stickiness and sweat and in preventing acne flareups (which can occur if you're hanging around in a sweaty, humid environment for too long without a cleaning).

By using these tips, you can feel more comfortable and cool, without needing to forgo your favorite spin class or beach time with friends.