These Are The 7 Myers-Briggs Types That Are Most Likely To Be Cat People

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The truth about cats and dogs is that some people prefer felines while others have an affinity for canine companions. And, your personality type might play a role in determining which pet you prefer. The Myers-Briggs types that are classic cat people tend to be overwhelmingly introverted, which makes sense. I was once at a work retreat where we all had to go around the room and compare our personality type to an animal. The two INTJs in the group both chose cats because they identified with the aloof nature of their feline friends. They said the liked to observe from a distance, and interact with others when it suited them, much like cats.

Psychology Today noted that two studies confirmed that classic cat people tend to be introverted. "The general pattern that comes out of both studies is that dog owners are more social, interactive and accepting, and cat owners (who own cats exclusively) are more introverted, self-contained, and less sociable," Dr. Stanley Coren wrote. Most dogs tend to be super social, want to go places, and get excited by meeting new people, sort of like their extraverted humans. Cats on the other hand will almost never run to the door at the possibility of a ride in the car, and a lot of them hide when company comes over, which is total introvert goals. Are you a cat or a dog person? It may well depend on your MBTI.

INTPs Like Cats' Predictable Nature

In a survey of INTP cat lovers on Personality Cafe, one person identified with the predictable nature of cats. "You don't have to worry about them charging, attacking, pouncing, or licking you out of nowhere. They are civil, quiet, refined, independent," user joshman108 explained. "I like my cats like I like my people — they don't really require a whole lot, but when you're both in the mood you can chill and have a good time."

INFPs Feel Like Cats Understand Them

In a poll on Topology Central, almost 45 percent of INFPs identified as cat people versus only 30 percent identifying as dog people. What's more, in a blog post titled "Introverts Love Pets, Especially INFP," Nancy Fen explored INFPs' relationship with animals in general. One person responded, "I’ve always had cats, and I’ve always felt like they understand me." And, as an INFP myself, I can honestly say same.

INFJs Love Cats' Chill Nature

While dog lovers might find cats cold and aloof, these are the same qualities INFJs appreciate in their feline friends. "I like dogs, don’t get me wrong. But they tend to be way more demanding, consistently active (and in your face) and [more] high maintenance than cats. And cats….they are just more my speed," Holly Robertson wrote in response to an INFJ cat survey on Quora. "This appears to be true for my INFJ best friend as well….always a cat person."

INTJs Like Cats' Independent Nature

For a hardcore introvert, there is nothing worse than a clingy animal or person, which is why INTJs love their feline friends. "They might be the only house pet who not only can handle, but prefer, complete solitude most of the time," user ins't anything commented on Personality Cafe. "People don't seem to understand that dogs are annoying and clingy, like a child, and cats are placid and un-intrusive, like a roommate."

ISTJs Appreciate Cats' Intelligence

For people who want the companionship of a pet, but don't have time or energy to commit to a dog, cats are an ideal choice. They can amuse themselves, they sleep up to 16 hours a day, they don't need to go outside to go to the bathroom, and they can be left home alone longer than dogs. ISTJs also appreciate the intelligence of cats. And, according to Psychology Junkie, the best breed of cat for this type is the British short-haired cat. "They are easy and quick to train, recalling what they’ve learned at a moment’s notice," just like their ISTJ humans.

ESTPs Enjoy The Dual Personality Of Cats

In a poll on Personality Cafe, 70 percent of ESTPs said they preferred cats to dogs. Cats are kind of like Geminis: they can be super independent, but also seek out attention and social interaction when it suits them, which is ideal for ESTPs. Cats can do their own thing, but they can also be super snuggly when they sense their humans need a little extra TLC. This is because cats are pretty intuitive, which is just one more reason to love them.

ENFJs Love Cats' Boss Mentality

It's no secret that in many cat households the kitties are actually the ones in charge even if they let their humans believe otherwise. ENFJs can totally relate to this. The website Personality Quiz described the ENFJs cat personality as the ringleader. "[ENFJs] will organize the other cats into games. When you get home to find the dining room chandelier swinging back and forth, and all the cats are sitting in the living room looking innocent, it was this cat's idea." ENFJs and their feline friends recognize this quality in each other, which makes it a love match.

ESFPs Prefer Super Social Cats

ESFPs are the type most likely to take their cats for a jaunt around the neighborhood in a stroller, and they appreciate social cats that act more like dogs, want a lot of attention, but can still stay home alone all day. This is also the type most likely to have an indoor/outdoor cat. Personality Quiz described the ESFP cat type as the hedonist. "The social cat. Inside, outside, contact-oriented. Wallows in petting. Lies in the sun on the driveway. Promiscuously affectionate, even with cat-haters. Meows a lot." Yeah, cats are pretty great. If you can't adopt one right now, you can get your fill by visiting a local cat cafe where you're sure to find a feline to hang with that fits your personality type.