7 Native American Organizations To Donate To After The Indigenous Peoples March
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One of the most impactful ways to make a difference, if you're able, is by using your wallet. If you're feeling fired up after this weekend's Indigenous Peoples March in Washington, D.C., you could consider donating to Native American organizations near you, or around the country.

This year's Indigenous Peoples March drew an immense amount of attention after a viral video depicting teenagers in MAGA hats surrounding Vietnam War veteran and Omaha elder Nathan Phillips tore across the internet. The footage sparked outrage, and prompted discussions about the pervasiveness of racism, especially among young people.

But if you want to take a step in a positive direction, and do something to directly support Native American communities, putting your money in the right place could make a world of difference for people who need it. There are a swath of nonprofits and organizations who support Native Americans around the country, providing resources like material goods, or else services like educational support, or even elderly care. Simply picking the need that speaks to you most directly, and sending donations in that direction, could be a great way to bolster support for a particular organization's cause. Nonprofits often devote a lot of energy to fundraising, and every little bit of proactive help can go a long way.

Partnership With Native Americans

The Partnership With Native Americans, according to its website, has been working with reservation partners for 25 years. They support reservations through a long list of programs, which can be found on the group's website.

The American Indian College Fund

It's no secret that college in the United States is incredibly expensive, and according to The American Indian College fund, only 14 percent of Native Americans hold a college degree. By donating to their cause, you could help someone reach their educational goals.

Association on American Indian Affairs

According to its website, the Association on American Indian Affairs is focused on "protecting sovereignty, preserving culture, educating youth, and building capacity." Primarily focused on preserving Native American culture, the organization bills itself as the "oldest nonprofit serving Indian Country."

National Indian Council On Aging

Caring for the aging population will likely always be a costly effort. Donating to the National Indian Council On Aging would be a way to back resources that support the well-being of the aging Native American population.

Native American Heritage Association

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Specifically supporting families who live on reservations in South Dakota and Wyoming, according to its website, the Native American Heritage Association works to provide "food, clothing, heating assistance, and other emergency programs" to those who are struggling economically. If you're looking to donate money to an organization that is working in a specific geographic location, this could be a possible option.

Native American Rights Fund

The Native American Rights Fund helps provide legal assistance to tribal members, according to its website. Donating to them, in part, helps fund legal advocacy to protect the rights of Native American tribes and their members.

National Indian Child Care Association

If supporting the financial needs and general well-being of young people is your thing, donating to the National Indian Child Care Association might be the right move. The organization aims to, according to its website, "promote high quality culturally relevant child care" among tribes through advocacy and support.

Bolstering marginalized groups often requires a lot of financial backing, and if it's possible for you, spending money on such causes can help fund programs that can have tangible impacts on people's lives. There are a ton of nonprofits that support Native Americans in the United States, and all of them could use support.