7 Badass New Nonfiction Books To Help You Have Your Most Feminist Year Yet

Nothing grinds my gears quite like the assertion that feminism isn't needed anymore, that the work is done, or that a movement pushing for equality has somehow gone too far. But in 2019, instead of howling my rage into the abyss I'm going to channel it by burying my nose in a book. And although that might sound somewhat counterproductive, the cliché "knowledge is power" is a cliché because it's true. So this coming year I will be flexing my mind muscles by reading up on all things empowerment, with these seven new feminist nonfiction books for 2019. Whether it's uplifting stories of change from women and girls around the world, experiences of overcoming adversity from famous feminists, or lessons from women's history.

The feminist fight continues in 2019 and these books will help me be ready for whatever sexism the world throws my way. Even if that's just by brandishing one of them intimidatingly at a cat-caller, or borrowing a sharp turn of phrase to use the next time someone tries to mansplain the concept of equality to me. But jokes aside, the oppression of women won't stop unless women stop it, and all seven of these books are full of ideas of how to do just that. So here's to an intersectional feminist future in 2019.