7 Non-Toxic Moisturisers In The UK a Will Work Wonders For The Planet & Your Skin

Leandro Crespi/Stocksy

Personally, it's a priority to reduce the number of chemicals in my skincare regime. Natural and organic beauty products have so many benefits for your skin, and of course, the environment too. So I searched high and low to find the best non-toxic moisturisers in the UK that are guaranteed to simultaneously help your complexion and planet Earth.

But before I dive into the top products to invest in, it's probably beneficial to explain what non-toxic actually means. Sometimes referred to as "clean beauty", the movement involves using products that contain zero toxins. This not only helps the planet but also protects your skin from unnecessary irritants.

While finding all-natural brands yourself does involve a little bit of research, some easy tips include looking for any mention of words like parabens and phthalates on the label. If you notice them in the ingredients list, then you're not looking at a non-toxic range.

Unfortunately, the list of brands offering such products is still pretty slim in the UK. And yes, they're all quite expensive too. Not so expensive that you'll have to significantly cut down on other monthly expenditures, but you'll have to be OK with dropping £30 on a moisturiser. Here is my pick of some of the best.

1Green People Age Defy Moisturiser

Age Defy + 24 Hour Brightening Moisturiser

Green People

Suitable for sensitive skin (including those who may suffer from the likes of eczema and psoriasis), Green People's moisturiser hydrates, brightens, and reduces the first signs of ageing. Its ingredient list is fully organic and boasts extracts of pineapple, cucumber, and green tea.

2Aveda Botanical Kinetics Moisturiser

Aveda Botanical Kinetics All-Sensitive Moisturiser


Aveda is one of the few beauty brands to have been certified cruelty-free by animal rights organisation PETA. If that wasn't enough to convince you, perhaps its facial moisturiser's non-toxic and non-irritating formula will. Great for people with extra dry skin, it uses aloe and oat extract to gently hydrate.

3Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream SPF 15


Finding a natural moisturiser with added sun protection is a little difficult. Luckily, Trilogy's cream — which contains rosehip and jojoba oil along with purified spring water — has an SPF of 15 and can give your skin that all-important nourishment. (Note: you'll probably want to put a higher factor sunscreen on top if you're planning to be out in the heat all day.)

4Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream

Dr. Hauschka Melissa Day Cream

Marks & Spencer

Dr. Hauschka has been around since the '60s and has long pushed for all-natural skincare. Every single product in the line contains a 100 percent natural and organic ingredient list. This particular moisturiser is designed for combination skin and can hydrate and calm in equal measure.

5Evolve Daily Renew Face Cream

Daily Renew Natural Face Cream


A mixture of pure organic oils meets vanilla and coconut in this non-toxic moisturiser. Argan oil softens the skin while hyaluronic acid prevents any dryness. Formulated for normal to dry skin, Evolve's 60ml tub is decently sized for the price.

6Ren Vita Mineral Moisturising Cream

Ren Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream


Ren doesn't like to describe itself as an organic brand, claiming that the term is undefinable in the beauty industry. Instead, it clearly states that all of its products contain zero synthetic fragrances, parabens, and sulphates. This moisturiser is packed with minerals (including zinc, copper, and magnesium) and fights to kill dullness and dryness. And you can recycle almost all of the bottle, making it extra eco-friendly.

7Jurlique Herbal Recovery Day Cream

Herbal Recovery Advanced Day Cream


I swear by this moisturiser. It's quite expensive but one pot lasts for months as you only need a little bit to cover your entire face. It's renowned for its anti-ageing effects but will leave skin of any age looking plumper and more alive. Ingredient-wise, Jurlique's range is completely natural with this particular cream containing 18 botanicals.

Buying non-toxic products does involve spending a little more, but at least you can go to sleep knowing that your skin (and Mother Nature) will forever thank you.