7 Menstrual Cups Available In The UK That'll Help Make Your Period More Eco-Friendly

by Alice Broster
A left hand holding a pink menstrual cup
Volanthevist/Moment/Getty Images

Periods can be pretty stressful. Working out which sanitary product fits in with your lifestyle can be pretty time consuming, confusing, and when you want to be environmentally conscious some products just don’t make the cut. It’s no surprise, then, that menstrual cups have seen a surge in popularity. Eco-friendly, cheaper in the long run, and bleach-free, they’re a great alternative to traditional period products. So, here are the seven best menstrual cups available in the UK.

There's a lot of hype around menstrual cups, but how do they actually work? WebMD explains that instead of absorbing your period blood like a tampon or pad, a menstrual cup, usually made of silicone or latex, collects the blood. You can remove the cup at any point by pulling on the stem and pinching the bottom, wash it out with water and soap, and at the end of your period you can sterilise it with boiling water. If you feel ready to take the plunge into the world of menstrual cups here are seven you have to check out.

So, if you think you're ready to say no to your usual period sanitary products, in favour of trying out a new menstrual cup then these are the seven you need to get your hands on. Trying something new can be nerve wracking. However, with easy to use instructions and great websites you'll be a pro in no time.