Everything You & Your BFF Can Get Each Other's Face On, Because Twinning Is Winning

by Aoife Hanna

There is nothing quite like the bond between you and your BFF. Your ride or die. The person that makes you laugh until whatever liquid you're drinking comes right out of your nose. The one that puts your pelvic floor muscles to the test (I'm talking about that fight to not wee a little when they give you the giggles). You know the score. So why not show your appreciation for that special person in your life by investing in personalised face gifts? As in, products decorated with your bestie's face? Great idea, right? Oh... Too much? I dunno, probably.

Well, yes, perhaps it is one of the most over the top and deliciously creepy things to do. But getting someone's face printed all over your stuff is increasingly doable because of, well, the Internet. The sky really is the limit when it comes to how much love you can have for your BFF, so why does the merchandise have to have a limit? Uh huh. My point exactly.

Right, now do me a favour and play this:

Well, if that hasn't convinced to invest in some cute accessories with your bestie, bestie's face all over them, I don't know what will. Time to raise a glass and celebrate that gorgeous face.


Squishy Face Cushion


With so many ways to see that lovely visage of your best pal every day, rest assured that you'll always be able to keep them nice and close where they belong. However, I cannot they'll love the idea. I mean, I guess there is a chance they won't be able to face it... Yes, pun intended — and you so loved it.