7 Plant Subscription Boxes For Your Favorite Plant Mom

A lush indoor garden of greenery does way more than up your home’s decorative factor. A home bedecked with live plant babies offers a soothing sanctuary to retreat to at the end of a hectic day. Plants just make a room feel better, calmer, and more effortlessly chill. And the health benefits of plants are no small thing, either. Visual beauty aside, studies show that houseplants are good for your health, too. From cleaning up pollutants in the air, to boosting your mood and reducing stress levels, plants offer a lot for so little in return — a little water, fertilizer, and the right amount of sun, and you’ve got a friend for life. Add to all that goodness a monthly subscription service that brings fresh plants and flowers to your door? In other words — did you know that you can actually get a subscription box for *plants*? That’s an even bigger win in my book, and yes please.

A great subscription service basically means that you get super fun mail every month, while taking all the guesswork out of the selection process. So you get plants, presents, and an awesome delivery to look forward to on the reg — sweet! Check out these options for monthly plant subscription boxes, and you'll have your very own indoor secret garden in no time.


Monthly Pet Friendly NYC Box


These beautiful boxes are super affordable, and deliveries are currently available for Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens if you're in the NYC area. And if you're outside NYC, you can get boxes designed for shipping delicate plants longer distances while reducing costs to the consumer, so you definitely have options. And you can cancel and skip deliveries whenever. And want to know what's extra cool about Horti? They make a pet safe box, so you don't have to worry about your fur baby eating your plant baby. Win win win.

2The Desert Box

Desert Box Monthly Subscription Succulent Box

The Desert Box

For the succulent obsessed, this one's for you. Available for monthly or quarterly deliveries, or for a one-time purchase, each Desert Box comes with a repurposed planter, one to three succulents or cacti, depending on the box you choose, soil and moss, and a pouch of white granite pebbles. You also get a plant care card, and free shipping with subscriptions when you prepay.

3Click and Grow

The Smart Garden 3

Click and Grow

While it's not *technically* a subscription box, Click and Grow offers some amazing options for city dwellers who want to grow their own food. From herb pods and boxes to a variety of indoor gardens to choose from, you can grow fresh food and herbs all year round. NASA-inspired Smart Soil combined with special LED lights mean that your plants are taken care of automatically. All you do is plant your capsules, add water, and plug the unit in. Deliveries are made every three months, and shipping is free.

4Plow Box

Power Box Green

Plow Box

Plow Box offers a quarterly subscription service of seasonal certified organic and non-GMO seeds, and is another must-try for any greenery-loving indoor gardener. You pick your climate, and whether you're growing outdoors or inside — Power Box does the rest. You can also purchase one-time boxes, like their Terrarium Box or the Herb Lovers Kit.

5House Plant Box

Monthly House Plant Box

House Plant Box

This super affordable subscription service delivers a beautiful houseplant to your door every month. Starting at just 12 bucks per month, you can choose from the basic service, to a larger assortment of plants with the Premium Monthly Plant Box. And pet-friendly boxes are also available.

6The Plant Parent Club

The Plant Parent Club Monthly Subscription

The Sill

The Plant Parent Club monthly subscription service from The Sill includes one plant delivered to your door each month, while you also get access to online workshops, and free shipping on all products. After the initial three-month commitment, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

7Bloomsy Box Flower Of The Month Club

Bloomsy Box

And for those who love fresh flowers, Bloomsy Box offers weekly, bi-weekly, or montly deliveries of hand-tied fresh flowers from sustainable farms — right to you door. Boxes of fresh flowers start at 39.99, and you can cancel at any time.

Whether you want to grow your own food, enjoy fresh blooms every month, or craft your very own indoor succulent sanctuary, with affordable and diverse subscription plans available, you'll have your indoor garden dialed in before you know it.