7 Fitness Products Reddit Users Swear By

When it comes to fitness goals, two of the most effective resources are the right equipment and a community that can help motivate you. That's why I'm all about Reddit users' recommended accessories to meet your fitness goals. Whether you just set up a new plan or you've been working at something for a while, these are the types of threads that can encourage you to keep moving forward, or to get started in the first place.

Of course, what works for one person isn't going to work for all, and not everyone's fitness goals look the same. I might be interested in getting my energy levels up, while you might be interested in running a marathon this year. The best thing about Reddit boards, though, is that they're often very diverse, extremely detailed, and all about helping out their fellow fitness lovers. They also contain direct product recommendations from everyday people who have no hidden motives other to share their positive experiences with that item.

No matter what particular exercise plan, nutritional beliefs, or lifestyle you have, a few recommendations from real Reddit users can help you reach your fitness goals a little more easily. Check out their top suggestions here.

A Good Pair Of Wireless Headphones To Keep You Pumped

Loads of Reddit user swear by a good pair of wireless headphones when it comes to keeping them pumped and motivated during their workouts. "I've been using [SoundPEATS Bluetooth headphones] for a few months now," says Auktopus. "Pretty impressed with overall quality, especially for the price tag." People also love them because they're sweatproof, lightweight, offer a secure fit, and last up to six hours on one charge.

Workout Clothes That You Actually Enjoy Wearing

Loads of Reddit users say that they're much more likely to reach their fitness goals when they have a comfortable workout wardrobe that makes them feel good. "Compression shorts changed my life!" says icode2skrillex. "And my chafed thighs thanked me very very much as well." People are psyched about these Baleaf compression shorts. They're breathable, super lightweight, have a stretchy natural fit, and have a back pocket for your phone or music player. Reviewers also say that they're durable, never see-through, and have cool reflective stripes for nighttime workouts.

No Matter What Your Goals Are, A Foam Roller Is A Must-Have

Logiebear59 says, "Foam roller. Really helps DOMS," and PapaJulietZulu agrees, "Second the foam roller. Doesn't matter what your goals of these will always be good for you." This WODFitters muscle foam roller has incredible reviews because it's high density, evenly works out tight muscles with its specially designed textured patterns, and has a travel-friendly design (and a carrying back) so you can take it anywhere.

Keep Hydrated While You're On The Move

"My answer would be a CamelBak type water bladder," says Youre_ARealJerk. "I was gifted one when I started hiking and love it! I use it for hiking, kayaking, backpacking, and basically anything outdoors. I'm sure if you're a runner it could be used then, too." It's lightweight and designed to maximize your range of motion, but it's durable and holds 1.5 liters of water, too.

If Your Goal Is To Stay Active Throughout The Day

Christ-Centered says that having a Fitbit really helped with their fitness goal of incorporating more movement into their routine. "I found that having my activity tracked made me more conscious about staying active and moving around more. If I saw my stats were low on a given day, I'd try to do more to make up for it." Not only does this one track your heart-rate, calories, steps, distance, and movement, but you can send texts, make calls, and use it as a vibrating alarm in the morning.

A Quick And Easy Way To Prepare Nutritious Food

"Slow cooker," says Reddit user dude_thats_my_hotdog. "It wasn't until I started cooking stews that I realized that someone with zero cooking skills could actually cook good, healthy, nutritionally complete food that other people actually liked." This Chefman Natural slow cooker uses a 100 percent safe and natural stoneware insert that cleans easily in the dishwasher. It holds five quarts of food for bulk cooking, and has three different heat settings to make all your favorites.

For Better Circulation And Fewer Aching Muscles, Try This Massager

"I don't know how I lived before I got a Thera Cane," says ejohnson78. It's a handheld manual massager that uses treatment balls to work out knots and stimulate your pressure points. It also helps to loosen up muscles, promote circulation, and ease tension in the hardest-to-reach places.

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