7 Rose Gold Disney Items You're Going To Want For Yourself Immediately

Thanks to you, my lovelies, rose gold is the new black, and Disney is making all of your rose-gold dreams come true. And, these rose-gold Disney items will make you feel all bright and shiny, which is the least you deserve. From ears, to jerseys, to cupcakes almost too beautiful to eat, Disney is seeing the world through rose-gold-colored glasses. If you didn't know about the Rose Gold Ears cupcakes, slow your FOMO because these cute little cakes are brand spankin' new.

According to the Disney Food Blog on Instagram, you can now complete your Disney rose gold experience by treating yourself to a delicious cupcake topped with none other than rose gold Minnie Mouse ears. As decadent as Minnie Mouse herself, these cupcakes are definitely a two-bite treat because the frosting is as big as the cupcake itself.

"Well, Disney has continued the trend [of rose gold]," the blog announced "Only this time, they’ve done so in CUPCAKE form! Currently at Sunshine Seasons in the Land Pavilion (in Epcot’s Future World), guests can find the Rose Gold Ears Cupcake! And, we’ll admit, it’s gorgeous. Every bit as pretty as those namesake ears." What's more, Minnie Mouse was finally honored with her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Jan. 22. If you want to celebrate her long-overdue recognition by getting on the rose-gold-pink-trend train, these are some of the rose-gold Disney items you'll want to get ASAP.

1. Rose Gold Ears Cupcake

Now you can not only wear your rose gold, you can eat it too with these Instagram-worthy Rose Gold Ears Cupcakes. "The rose gold ears and bow are fondant, so you’ll mostly get sugar with maybe a hint of marshmallow flavor from the garnish," the Disney Food Blog noted. "But remember, even though it’s technically edible… fondant never wins any flavor contests. Its primary role is for looks, and here it is accomplishing its task quite well!"

2. Millennial Pink MagicBand

Released Jan. 8, Erika Jarvis wrote on Disney Parks, "[The] new MagicBand is a solid-color millennial pink, the fashion-forward, trendy shade of pink that continues to grow in popularity. If you’re not familiar with this particular color, its hue is a delicate, softer pink, and we’re already hearing wonderful feedback from guests about this product."

3. Rose Gold Minnie Ears

Before you send yourself into a sugar coma by devouring your Rose Gold Ears Cupcake, dress this beauty with your Millennial Pink MagicBand and your Rose Gold Minnie Ears. The ears debuted in August, according to the Disney Style blog. They're the perfect glittery head topper when you want to up your ear-candy game.

4. Minnie Mouse Icon Bracelet

This charmer, the Minnie Mouse Icon Bracelet, makes for a perfect birthday gift for someone special — or, y'know, your very special self. If you're having major FOMO, don't worry because you can still snag this beautiful charm bracelet to add to your rose gold collection.

Minnie Mouse Icon Bracelet, $55, Shop Disney

5. Rose Gold Disney Watch

If you're still old-fashioned, and you like to tell time on a watch instead of your phone, this rose gold Disney watch is elegant, fun, and affordable. If your wrist has been feeling naked lately, dress it up with a touch of rose gold.

Rose Gold Disney Watch, $52, Ali Express

6. Rose Gold Jersey Shirts

Everything's coming up rose gold in 2018, including jersey shirts. Unfortunately they aren't available online (unless you're willing to risk the price hike on eBay), but you can grab yourself one of these at the Disney Emporium at Disney World while supplies last.

7. Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Necklace

This one is kind of pricey, so if you're committed to treating yourself to one rose gold item in 2018 this is definitely the most luxurious. According to Shop Disney, the Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Necklace is a "sculptured rose gold-finished pendant inspired by Minnie's iconic hairpiece sparkles with faceted diamond polka dots."

Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Necklace, $190, Shop Disney