7 Luxurious Self-Care Products You Can Actually DIY

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Popular self-care products, especially ones that mimic a spa-ish experience, can get super expensive super quickly. A product with a hefty price tag is not always practical, or even a viable option for some folks. But, not being able to afford a luxury product shouldn't keep you from practicing self-care. Just like sleeping, eating and your daily routines, self-care — in even the smallest amount — is part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Self-care isn't a wellness trend, but a necessity.

It's totally possible to practice self-care without spending a dime, but sometimes splurging on something to help you relax can be tempting. I myself tend to gravitate towards the pricier self-care items — whether that's fancy tea, skincare, or products that make my apartment feel more like a vacation spot. However, like most people living paycheck-to-paycheck, my self-care can't exceed my budget — which means I'm left improvising and DIY-ing some of my favorite self-care products. Sure, you can't (and probably shouldn't) DIY every self-care item your heart desires, but there are a few that are simple enough to do, no artistic talent or craftiness necessary. Here are seven luxe self-care products and projects you can easily DIY — while being true to your budget.


Face Masks

If face masks are part of your self-care routine, but you can't afford to shell out for the nice stuff, consider making your own with household staples. I have sensitive skin, so even the most luxury or expensive face masks can make me break out in hives. I opt to make simple, two-ingredient masks with blueberries, which are loaded with skin-brightening antioxidants, and honey, that has antibacterial properties. Even on days when you're completely fatigued, all you have to do is pop ingredients into a blender until smooth.


Nature Nooks

Houseplants and greenery have been proven to have many psychological benefits for people; they reduce stress, and improve your overall mood. If you find nature to be soothing, but live in an urban or wintery area, consider DIY-ing a nature nook. You don't need to buy expensive flowers, vases, and furniture to decorate it like you see on social media: Your can create a warm and uplifting self-care corner easily with thrift store vases, and cheap, colorful bouquets from Trader Joe's.


Eye De-puffing Gel

Everyone needs a good cry now and again, but it can make your eyes feel swollen after. If you find it relaxing to soothe your eye area, you don't need to buy a pricey eye de-puffing gel or lotion: you can make a similar products for pennies. The active ingredient in many luxury products is caffeine. Save some money by setting cold green tea bags on your eyes or, yes, cucumbers; it will have a similar effect to a lux eye gel, but cost much less.


Heating Pad

People use heating pads for a whole host of reasons, but you don't need to fork out for an electric one. There are different ways to make a DIY heating pad, but the most popular way by far is taking a sock, filling it with rice, and either sewing or tying it shut. Then, when you're ready to bring the heat, throw it in the microwave for a minute. Sometimes rice heating pads can smell a bit funky, but that is easily remedied if you throw in dried herbs (think lavender or chamomile) or a drop of your fave essential oil.



Candles can be hecka expensive, and they don't last super long. While making candles may seem challenging, the process is pretty darn simple: You melt the wax in the container, insert a wick, and choose your favorite essential oil. This article has a bunch of candle or votive ideas that cost less than a dollar to make.


Yoga Or Exercise Classes

Luxury gym and yoga memberships can cost you a lot of money depending on where you go. Utilizing free but effective classes online is one way to save hundreds of dollars. Don't like to work out alone? Create a weekly or bi-monthly night where you and a few friends can practice yoga or exercise in your living room. It will probably feel less glamorous than an actual yoga studio, but think of all the money you will save to do something else you like.

Luxe self-care isn't reserved for the ~rich~ and the ~famous~. You can DIY so many products from the comfort of your home with common household products. Take you self-care to the next level with your own handmade luxury items.