7 Signs Your Sleep Troubles May Actually Be Caused By Anxiety & How To Fix It


It's extremely frustrating to be unable to sleep at night, and it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what is causing the problem. Issues with sleep can happen as a result of anything from your daily habits or even your diet, but you can also look out for some signs your sleep troubles are caused by anxiety. Once you start with the cause of your sleep issues, you can take the proper steps to remedy them, and it's not always obvious that anxiety is the reason for your insomnia, night sweats, or bad dreams.

"Anxiety is commonly associated with sleep problems," says Dorian Crawford, PsyD over email. "As a result, people who are anxious tend to get less sleep than they need. Unfortunately, this means they are less capable of managing stressors, feel more frayed and are perpetually fatigued. The consequence is a cycle of feeling tired, feeling less capable, worrying about being less capable and a reduced likelihood of quality sleep the next night.

If you aren't sleeping well and think your mental state may to be blame, watch out for these seven signs your sleep troubles are actually caused by anxiety, according to experts. If this pattern goes on for too long, it is always advisable to talk to your physician or see a therapist.