7 Spring 2020 Jewelry Trends You’re About to Be Obsessed With

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As seasonal trends emerge, perhaps none are quite as lust worthy as those of the jewelry variety. They're current, to be sure, but most jewelry pieces have a more lasting quality than the ready-to-wear and accessories that pop up from season to season. The shifting of the tides is much slower, and the investments are more sumptuous. Whether you’re shopping for an archive piece or picking up a fun bauble at an affordable fashion retailer, a piece of jewelry’s ability to instantly transform any look — from a party dress to distressed denim — is undeniable.

This Spring, jewelry holds more of a weight in the classics. Whether beloved hard stones like Lapis Lazuli, or traditionally elegant milky-white pearls, chunky chains your grandmother used to layer from wrist to elbow or gypsy rings originally made popular in the early 19th century, it’s a throwback to older generations when it comes to your new jewelry investments.

While jewelry trends are now more traditionally elegant than they've been for a long time, that doesn’t mean that they’re dainty and easily lost. Quite the contrary, in fact. It’s time to shop for chunky gypsy rings, statement-making color, and overblown florals.

Ahead, find the best jewelry trends for Spring 2020 and exactly how to shop them, for every budget.

Gypsy Rings

Gypsy rings are one of the newest (oldest) jewelry trends that has totally taken off over the past few seasons. Their name comes from the set-in style that were originally meant to prevent gypsies from stealing the wearer’s stone when they traveled through the countryside in the early 19th century.

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Lapis Lazuli

Hard stones have infiltrated the market this Spring—most notably Lapis Lazuli. With that deep blue tone, it’s a pop of color for even those wary of brights. A classic through-and-through, it’s a more organic take on a gem, but gives your jewelry that little something extra when you’re looking to make more of a statement.

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Chunky Chains

The bigger, the better, when it comes to chains this Spring. Whether a necklace or bracelet, chains are no longer a vehicle for a pendant or other charm. Instead, they’re making a statement all on their own in everything from polished gold to gem-studded, enamel to hard stones.

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Even those who love to wear head-to-toe black are tempted by the brightly colored jewelry movement as of late. Pile on the beaded bracelets to make a major statement, or choose a rainbow gem ring for a more subtle take on the trend.

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Ladylike pearls are back with a vengeance as the world turns a more elegant eye towards their jewelry boxes. Whether studs or climbers; add-a-pearl necklaces from your childhood or a more modern ring style, it’s time to consider the milky white timeless classic that was, at one time, considered more rare than diamonds.

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Exaggerated Florals

It’s only appropriate that the floral trend is gaining steam, come Spring. Overall, it’s one to reach for in blown-out proportions and oversized styles. That said, they range from the collect-them-all acetate and Lucite to more splurge-worthy hard-stones or diamond-studded varieties. What’s more, this whimsical style is a great addition to any cocktail party look.

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Tennis Bracelets

The classic tennis bracelet is both elegant and sporty at its core, perhaps most evidenced by the story of its name —referred to as the “tennis bracelet” after U.S. Open player Chris Everett’s thin diamond bracelet fell from her wrist during a match and the game was put on hold while those at the court helped her search for her missing jewels. Today, it’s the chicest throw-on-and go a girl can own.

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