7 Scented Candles That Give Gwyneth Paltrow's Vagina A Run For Its Money

Bring a unique scent into your home with these distinctive fragranced candles

2020 has already had its fair share of news. But one of the weirdest headlines unsurprisingly stemmed from Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop empire. Her This Smells Like My Vagina candle (yes, you read that right) has already proved a hit, with the geranium, bergamot, and cedar scent selling out in an instant. But Paltrow's Goop isn't the only business to dabble in the market of uniquely scented candles. Nowadays, there's a candle for any taste and desire.

Love the smell of freshly cut grass, but don't quite fancy sitting outside? There's a candle for that. Long for the scent of libraries or delicious cinnamon doughnuts? There's a candle for that. Want to recreate that moment when you're really feeling yourself? You guessed it, there's a candle to suit.

It doesn't matter if your budget is teeny tiny or sky high, or if you prefer strong, musky scents to sickeningly sweet fragrances. Perhaps you're simply looking for a less out-there alternative to Paltrow's provocative piece.

Whether it's a highly specific smell or an emotion you long to relive over and over again, here are a few distinctive candles to get your hands on. Watch out Goop: looks like you've got some serious competition.