7 Tattoo Complications That Are Surprisingly Common, According To Experts

Getting a tattoo should be an all-around positive experience, but it isn't without its risks. You are getting tiny abrasions in your skin, after all. So, before getting a tattoo, it's important to understand the risks of possible tattoo complications.

According to a study in the journal Contact Dermatitis, about 10 percent of people surveyed experienced short-term complications with their tattoos. That's pretty common. "Development of complications can occur based on the individual and how their body reacts to the ink or to the trauma of tattooing," Susan Bard, MD, of Manhattan Dermatology Specialists, tells Bustle. "It also depends on the cleanliness and sterility of the tattoo artist." It's also vital to follow the instructions your tattoo artist gives you for aftercare.

"It seems friends, family, strangers, and the internet all have their own suggestions for your aftercare, don’t listen to them!" Tyson Weed, custom tattoo artist at Divinity Tattoo in Phoenix, AZ, tells Bustle. Instead, keep track of what your artists says, and go to a doctor if anything looks seriously wrong.

"If any [complications] occur in your tattoo, see a board certified dermatologist immediately," Dr. Bard says. "Do not return to your tattoo artist seeking medical advice. If left untreated, many of the complications can lead to permanent scarring and that can ruin your new body art, so nip the problems in the bud as soon as they arise." Being proactive can help.

Here are seven tattoo complications that are surprisingly common, according to experts.