7 Tattoos That Tattoo Artists Actually Hate Doing

Nejron Photo/Shutterstock

There's a lot that goes into getting some fresh, new ink. When it comes to the tattooing itself, tattoo artists have had tons of experience when it comes to tattoo faux pas. Surprisingly, there are some tattoos that tattoo artists absolutely hate doing, so be aware the next time you go into the tattoo shop.

All in all, tattoo artists look to create one of a kind, creative, and unique works of art on their customers, and their number one rule is to be original. According to author and tattoo expert Lisa Barretta, tattooists don't like flash art because it's stereotypical and can lack originality. "Be original and express yourself with your tattoo, after all, tattoos represent your inner archetypes, the thresholds you cross in your life's journey, and they are for all intents and purposes, a reflection of your life's story," Barretta says.

After all, when it comes to tattoos, your tattoo artists know best. They are skilled professionals, with a keen eye for detail, quality, and design. And their opinions are valid (and helpful if you're in the market for new ink).

So, if you're looking for your newest tattoo, it can be helpful to keep these things in mind. Here are the seven tattoos that tattoo artists hate doing. You may want to re-think your potential ink if it does fall into one of these categories.