7 Texts That Will Make Your Partner Melt

No matter how long you've been with your partner, it's important to keep the flame alive. A great way of doing so is to maintain your texting skills and send a few feel-good texts. These texts to show you love your partner emphasize your appreciation (for all he or she does or puts up with) and your general attraction towards him or her and the relationship you've built together. For instance, do you love your partner's smile? Make that known. You don't need to text all day, every day, but a few words every so often can go a long way.

As as certified health coach, I work with clients on feeling happy and valued in relationships, while also remembering to reciprocate the favor and relay that closeness and care onto the person they're dating. It goes two ways, after all. Technology is the norm today, so sending a few texts to show you're thinking of your S.O. can really make him or her feel special (or at least get a slight ego boost for the moment). What's more, you'll both probably be more excited to see each other after work, after some built up excitement during the daytime hours over mobile. There's no reason to let the openness and compliments stop after you've been dating for a while, so keep them coming for steady growth and love. Here are 7 things to text your partner to show you care.

1. Did I tell you how much I love you today?

This text by relationship expert and blogger at Ingrid Madison Avenue, over email with Bustle is great, as it is a short, sweet reminder that you love your partner and are grateful for him or her that day (and every day, really). Plus, it's not overly gushy and doesn't require a long conversation, which is ideal for when your partner is busy at work and can't text that much.

2. You had me at Netflix.

Another by Ingrid At Madison Avenue, this one uses humor to convey love and meaning. It's super cute and it shows that you've become comfortable around each other and really get each other's needs and interests. Especially when they sync up over a joint or shared Netflix account.

3. Babe - you make me happy :)

To the point and cute, this text, from Doppler Social App’s go-to dating expert Alexis Sclamberg over email with Bustle uses emojis, directness, and fun to make that connection with your partner from afar feel as though you were sitting next to each other. Again, it's not overly emotional or sappy, too. Your S.O. will appreciate getting this easy, caring text when stuck in the office on a Tuesday.

4. You're so cute.

Or, "that's so cute," depending on the context, pointing out your partner's cuteness can make him or her feel special and accepted for all the quirks and personality traits, explains Jonathan Bennett, a relationship counselor over email with Bustle. "It’s a great feeling when your partner can take something quirky and awkward that you do and find it charming and cute. It not only boosts your self-esteem, but shows that he or she accepts you for who you are," explains Bennett.

5. I'm in love with you.

That "in" really heightens the intensity behind the words. "People affirm their 'love' all of the time, whether it’s for their friends, family members, dogs, and even morning coffee. Saying 'I love you' is special, but, given how the word love is thrown around so casually, admitting how deeply you are 'in love' with your partner is even more special and is guaranteed to make him or her melt," says Bennett.

6. You looked amazing last night.

"Instead of 'You are beautiful,' make it 'You looked amazing in that blue [dress/suit] last night. I was so proud to be with you,'" says Michelle Archard, Romance Expert over email with Bustle. Here's a tip for adding meaning to texts: "Make your text very specific - rather than a general statement, include mention of a specific event or time," says Archard.

7. You were great, thank you.

Another by Archard, this will be tied to a specific instance, whatever that may be. Perhaps your partner was great with your kids, or he or she really excelled in a challenging situation (like dinner with the parents). Or, it even offers a hint of sexuality (perhaps satisfaction in bed). Recognizing great behavior can help build reassurance and reinforce consistency, too.

Sending your partner these texts can really help bring you two closer together and instill confidence in the meaningfulness that you both share. Prioritizing quick, little bursts of acknowledgment can help strengthen the relationship, long term.