7 Adorable Things You Can Get To Match With Your Dog

by Megan Grant
Courtesy of Brands

Who needs friends when you have a dog? I don't mean to dismiss human interaction, but... we don't really need it and let's be honest: It doesn't compare to canine companionship. If your best friend has four legs and you two are basically inseparable, you're going to want these seven things you can get to match with your dog. From clothing to accessories, these adorable dog-and-owner wearables will allow the world to see just how codependent you and your dog are — I mean, just how much you two care about each other.

I'm totes not trying to rain on the adorable parade that's about to happen, but before we move on, here are a few gentle reminders:

Not All Dogs Like Wearing Clothes Or Accessories

Some like them better than others, while a few absolutely refuse to wear them. Remember, your dog’s comfort should be your priority when it comes to dressing up. If they act sad or uncomfortable while wearing things that you bought for them, then maybe consider letting them be beautiful in all their natural nakedness.

Monitor Your Pupper For Safety Reasons

Before putting clothes on, make sure that they're the right size for them. A scarf or collar that’s too tight could potentially put their health at risk. If you’re ordering online, sizing charts are typically included. Use them!Also, don’t leave your dog unsupervised, especially if they’re wearing clothes. Some dogs love exploring, and clothes could accidentally get tangled on things like branches while they’re out on an adventure.

Monitor Your Dog’s Temperature

Dogs have natural coats to self-regulate, and sometimes, adding too many layers can make them too warm. Some dogs with thinner fur, on the other hand, might need additional clothes to keep them cozy.

Check the Materials

There are some materials that your dog might not like on them, so read the description before you purchase. Again, your dog’s comfort should be your top priority.

OK, now that we've got the boring details out of the way ... here are some matching items you and your doggo can rock together.