7 Things Your Body Is Trying To Tell You If You Sweat A Lot

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

It can be frustrating to be that person who always breaks out into a sweat while everyone else seems to stay dry. Although some sweat is common, there are cases where people sweat more frequently then others, and it's worth paying attention to the reasons you may be sweating a lot. Usually sweating is harmless and no cause for alarm, but if it's becoming excessive or causing an issue in your everyday life, you want to dig deep into why, and what it may mean for your health.

"You will know if you are someone who sweats more than [usual] when your clothing becomes drenched at normal room temperature, your palms or feet are clammy all the time, or you frequently have bacterial or fungal skin infections due to excessive moisture of your skin," Dr. Kelenne Tuitt, tells Bustle. "Many times, you have to change your clothing frequently, or you wear dark clothing to avoid noticeable sweat markings. In most cases, it is unknown what causes these symptoms. However, underlying health conditions should be ruled out."

The only way to truly know why you're sweating so much is to see a doctor. But there are some common reasons to consider. Here are seven things your body is trying to tell you if you sweat a lot, according to experts.