Dying Your Roots With Cocoa Powder & 6 More TikTok Hair Hacks


I think it's safe to say that TikTok is helping many of us through these very unsettling times. It may sound like a trivial way of dealing with anxiety and stress, but creating and watching short videos on the platform can provide endless hours of laughter and fun when we really need it most. Another way it may be able to help is through beauty tips and tricks; there are plenty of TikTok hair hacks in particular that those of us wishing to try something new or simply maintain our hair state can take solace in.

For example, there's the now-viral video of one girl trying a dressing gown robe for the first time to curl her hair. If that doesn't take your fancy, you could always use a sock, too. Anyone struggling with oily or grown-out roots will can find tips on TikTok too, including ways to make at-home cover ups, while anyone hoping to go heat-free during this time but still look presentable can rely on the platform for a hack also.

I've picked out the very best hair hacks on TikTok to keep you distracted and looking fresh during this very odd, frightening time. Some of them are unlikely to hold up outside in the real world but during lockdown anything goes, right?

Using your dressing gown belt for curls

This one is perhaps the most well-known right now, and for good reason. It started out with socks, and now it's all about using the belt from your dressing gown, particularly if you have longer locks. It's easier to just watch the video to understand how this really works, but essentially you just wrap sections of hair around the belt, then sleep like that. You'll wake up to literally insanely dreamy curls.

Cocoa powder for roots

I'm not sure I'm quite sold on this one, but it's certainly inventive! You mix cocoa powder with baby powder, then lightly (let me emphasise that: lightly) dust the combination over your roots with a fluffy makeup brush. This not only is said to absorb oily roots, it also lessens the effect of grown-out roots. Interesting...

Getting an Ariana-worthy ponytail

If you're a ponytail kinda gal, Ariana Grande is no doubt your ultimate hair-spo. To achieve her look, you need height and volume to be on your side, and this short video shows you how to achieve that. It includes some pretty intricate steps, so it's best to watch and pause after each bit. Maybe entrust a friend to help out, too!

Using beard balm for heat-free waves

If you're using this time to avoid heat in your hair as I am, you might be looking for alternative ways to maintain a pretty curl. This one is actually kind of genius; all you need to do is apply a waxy beard balm (steal your boyfriend's) to your locks before putting sections into twists or plaits. When you take the twists out, you'll have beautiful curls.

Make homemade dry shampoo

Dashing out to the shops for a new can of dry shampoo may not be at the top of your to-do list now or even advisable considering lockdown rules. If you can't wait until your next grocery essentials shop, you can actually make your own, with ingredients like baking soda and tea tree oil. Watch the full video for the exact recipe.

An easy messy bun

This video will help you get the perfect 'cool girl' bun you so often see on Instagram. It's pretty simple, and just involves doing a few little twisty techniques and pulling out hair in the right places.

Perfecting your headband look

This may seem like the simplest of hacks *ever*, but it's actually incredibly handy for people who always struggle to wear a stretchy headband without looking, well, odd. I've always struggled with it myself! This hack simply involves pulling out hair in the right places before putting your band on. Simple.