7 Times 'Love Island' 2019 Was Straight Up Shakespearean

By Nikki Sage
ITV / Warner Bros/Kobal/Shutterstock

Be it astrology, Ariana Grande, or adult ball pits, I consider it my moral duty to unashamedly enjoy every form of escapism that middle-aged men are quick to label a sign of the apocalypse. Nobody should waste their words justifying their love of reality TV, for example, just to satisfy a group of people who are deluded enough to think they can beat Serena Williams at a game of tennis. I'll eat my cheese and ketchup sandwiches in peace, thank you very much.

When it comes to Love Island, it is what it is. And what it is is pure artistry. Pure literature. Pure Shakespeare. Love Island 2019 has been theatrically choreographed and beautifully expressed, and I can only assume that the producers are running the show with one tab open on Twelfth Night SparkNotes, and the other on a Google search for: “How many times can someone say ‘young lady’ on a reality TV show before it's justifiable to turn off their mic altogether?”

Flowing beneath Love Island’s shiny surface is a deep undercurrent of Shakespearean poetry. Middle-aged men, lend me your ear, for here are seven Shakespearean moments that have been borne out before our very eyes in Love Island 2019.