7 Times Obama Showed Off His Exceptional Comedy Chops

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President Obama has done a lot of amazing things for theAmerican people, but one of his most lasting contributions throughout his presidency will always be his sense of humor. It’s not easily quantifiable, but Obama is at least one of the funniest, if not the funniest, presidents of all time. These seven times Obama showed off his comedy chops prove that he’ll always be remembered for his hilarious personality along with his political accomplishments.

As the “digital” president, it’s not surprising that Obama had a lot of opportunities to be funny. He’s had more media exposure than most other presidents combined, but even accounting for sheer frequency of chances to crack jokes, Obama is exceptionally funny. His sense of humor served him really well over the last eight years, since so much of his job is reaching out to young people, and it will continue to secure his legacy in the future. He will always be remembered as a funny guy and lovable leader, which helped him bridge partisan gaps as much as it could in today’s polarized political climate. Obama will hopefully be a model for presidents in the future, for his lighthearted approach to his public persona and unifying sense of humor.

His Last White House Correspondents' Dinner

Global News on YouTube

The speeches are scripted, but you can't teach timing like that.

His Al Green Impression

ABC News on YouTube

Every great comedian needs some impressions to fall back on, and apparently, Al Green is one of Obama's. He even got the crooner's signing voice down perfectly.

When He Did The Unimpressed Face With Makayla Maroney

The Fierce Five went to the White House after their gold-medal performance at the 2012 Olympics, and Obama took this meme-tastic picture with infamous silver medalist Makayla Maroney.

His Annual Dad Jokes At The Turkey Pardoning

Vocativ on YouTube

Most of the jokes themselves aren't great, but Obama's intentional cultivation of his dad persona is hysterical on its own.

When His Presidential Sign Fell Off The Podium During The Speech

AP Archive on YouTube

"You know who I am" is comedy and fame goals forever.

When He Appeared On Jimmy Kimmel's "Mean Tweets" Segment

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

Another great thing about his sense of humor is that he's able to brush off things like this and make them funny. I can't imagine Donald Trump doing this next year.

His Burgeoning YouTube Career

MSNBC on YouTube

More proof that Obama could definitely follow up his presidency with a digital comedy career.

With all the chaos and divisiveness of the last eight years, it was great to have a president who could always bring a little light to the darkness. Obama's sense of humor made him the kind of leader you wanted to follow, and he changed the presidency for the better because of it.