7 Tips For Starting Your Own Side Hustle From Home

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These days, it’s pretty common to have a side hustle. Our current gig economy means young people are using their skills to get ahead — not only at their day jobs, but on nights and weekends, too.

For many people, having a side hustle is a great way to explore their passions and interests, while making a little (or a lot) of cash on the side. According to a poll, of people who say they earn extra money from a side hustle every month, 36 percent are making $500 or more.

Side hustles can be just about anything. From selling cute crafts online to offering up your skills as a designer to starting your own dog-walking business, the possibilities are endless. But no matter what kind of side hustle you want to start, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Do Your Research

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No matter what your side hustle is, it’s essential that you start off by doing a bit of research. What’s the competition like out there? What are they charging? What makes your offering better (or worth more?). Figure these things out first, and you’ll set yourself up for success.

Get The Word Out

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You’d be surprised how much business depends on personal referrals and word of mouth. So tell people what you’re up to! It might feel weird to put yourself out there, especially on social media, but calling up your family and friends to tell them what you’re up to may attract your first business leads.

Stay Organized

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Organization means different things for different people. If lists work for you, make lists! If calendars are the secret to keeping track of things, invest in one for your work space. Whatever it is, just make sure you create an organizational system that will help you keep your commitments straight.

Give Yourself A Break

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When you’re really passionate about your side project, it’s shockingly easy to over-extend yourself, especially without designated times to clock in and out every day. Make sure that as you grow, you’re still taking time to unwind and relax so you don’t burn out.

Say Yes

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Is there a networking event in your area? A charity or organization you’d like to contribute pro-bono work to (in exchange for some exposure)? Do it. Even if you’re experiencing major imposter syndrome, putting yourself out there and making connections is sure to pay off down the road.

Measure Your Own Success Against Yourself

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In the world of social media, it’s super tempting to doubt yourself when you see other people in your field who seem to be doing better than you are. But really, your only competition is yourself. As long as you’re growing, you’re on the right track.

Continue to Learn

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Whether you continue to hone your specific craft (for example, taking some art classes if your side gig is crafts, etc.), or work on your soft skills (by participating in marketing seminars online), learning is key. Build your skills so you can build your hustle.