7 Underrated Spooky Podcasts To Listen To All October Long

Orange pumpkin, headphones and leaves near laptop computer on a table. Autumn season time

Spooky season is here. And while some may celebrate the Halloween countdown with decorations and costumes, you can get your "spooky" on in other ways this season, too. If you're not a big fan of horror movies, you might consider indulging in your share of scary stories by downloading horror-themed podcasts. And if you're looking for something a little different than your basic ghost story, these underrated spooky podcasts will keep you scared — and hooked — all October.

If podcasts help you pass the time during your morning commute or long drives, you're not the only one. Podcasts have gained serious traction since their inception, and have been especially popular in the past year, according to The New York Times. In fact, the Times reports that one in three people in the United States listens to at least one podcast every month. And with countless categories from news to music, you can listen to podcasts about virtually any topic at any time. This is especially true of horror podcasts, which are in abundance this season and, quite frankly, all year round.

So whether you're into scary fiction stories or frightening whodunnits we've got you covered with your daily dose of spooky. Here are seven creepy podcasts you can listen to all October long:


The No Sleep Podcast

You can trust a podcast that's been around for a while and The No Sleep Podcast hits the mark being a series that's been running since 2011. This podcast was created based off of the reddit subthread r/nosleep, where users post and share realistic horror stories, either true or not. This evolved into an anthology with 11 seasons of creepy stories. You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and RSS.


The Moonlit Road

Nothing beats good ole' Southern folk lore, and The Moonlit Road has got you covered with plenty of them. The podcast focuses on old legends and spooky tales that originate from the American south. One of the great things about this series is that all of the stories range from 10 to 20 minutes, so you can squeeze them in during a quick commute or shower.


Generation Why

If you like your horror stories to be true or based off of real events, Generation Why is the podcast for you. Rather than fictional ghost stories, Generation Why takes its listeners through the details of cold-cases and creepy conspiracies. And though its delivery may not resemble a typical horror story, you're sure to be left with the chills.


Alice Isn't Dead

If you're in the mood to follow a character down a spooky storyline, you might want to consider listening to Alice Isn't Dead. The podcast follows a truck driver who is searching the country for her lost wife (Alice). The adventure takes you through her creepy encounters and all the odd happenings along her journey. This podcast is sure to be a hit, especially because it's been recently turned into a novel.



Lore is a great choice for history buffs or anyone interested in long-standing legends. The podcast focuses on a lot of folklore and legends that are well-known, often going into the background of its beginnings and how it ties into famous, cultural horror phenomena. And because the podcast is an anthology, you can listen to a bunch of episodes in one sitting or just one or two from time-to-time. Either way, you'll definitely be spooked.


Jim Harold's Campfire

If you like your horror stories told old-fashion-style, then Jim Harold's Campfire is just right for you. The podcast mirrors the classic horror-story-telling method, as the title suggests, by having real people call in and tell their own ghost stories. If you just close your eyes, you can almost feel the campfire — that is, if you're not too scared to close them.


Strange and Unusual

The Strange and Unusual podcast is as exactly what the title suggests. It focuses on "dark history" including disturbing mythology and cruel murders. The podcast plays on listeners' fears by touching upon other topics like superstitions and ghost stories. If you're looking for a good old fashioned scare, you don't have to look much further.

From murder mysteries to haunting ghost stories, podcasts are the new way to help you get your spooky fill this season.