Vegan Trainers Are On The Rise & Here's 7 Badass Pairs To Prove It

It's easy to hear the term "vegan fashion" and automatically assume "ugly". But growing an animal-friendly wardrobe needn't mean sacrificing your sense of style. Numerous new brands have popped up to hawk their ethical wares and even classic labels are getting in on the vegan act. If you'd like to invest in a pair of vegan trainers that are easily available in the UK, you're in the right place.

The younger generation is thought to be responsible for pushing the vegan agenda. "42% of vegans in the UK are aged 15 to 34 so Gen Z is a key driving force in this movement," Rachael Stott, senior creative researcher at trend agency The Future Laboratory, told Glamour. "They are conscious shoppers who want to know where and how their products are made."

And while the vegan footwear market is still trailing behind cruelty-free beauty, its popularity is growing. As Fashion United reports, vegan shoes accounted for 16 percent of the total UK footwear market in 2018. This was a marginal increase from 15 percent in 2017.

Footwear brands have responded to this desire in droves. Many designs fall into the trainer category. The following silhouettes come from affordable independent names, massive high street corporations, and even a well-known British designer.


Who said buying vegan has to cost a fortune?