7 Waterproof Jackets For Autumn 2019 That'll Keep You Warm, Dry, & Stylish AF

ASOS / PrettyLittleThing / Topshop

And just like that we wave goodbye to summer for another year. The grey, chilly weather and darker nights have already started to creep in and although it's a great shame it means we need to equip ourselves for the cold season. With the British weather being so unpredictable, it's important to have a jacket that works as an all rounder, which means making sure you warm (but not too warm), guaranteeing you're dry from the rain, and, of course, keeping your style creds in tact. So here are the waterproof jackets for autumn 2019 that you'll actually want to wear. Because you can't go another autumn wearing that hand-me-down anorak.

It's the awkward time between summer and autumn where it's a little cold but no one is too sure what to wear, but a jacket is becoming a total necessity in these climes. As we look ahead to what feels like the endless wintery months we are tasked with the burden of choosing coats. While we might fall in love with a faux fur coat or a duster jacket, practicality is key and, with the incoming drizzle, we need something to shelter us from the storms.

Luckily, there are loads of options out there, from leather to PVC. Check out my pick of the best below.