7 Ways To Use Scotch Tape In Your Beauty Routine

As far as office supplies go, Scotch tape is pretty much the hero product. Aside from the very important business-y things we've relied on it for forever (like taping up pictures of our dogs in our cubicles), it has seemingly unlimited uses in our everyday lives. Need to fix a hem or keep your low-cut top from falling open or fix a broken credit card? Scotch tape, FTW. But did you know Scotch tape can be used in your beauty routine, too?

Last year, the Internet went bananas over a Scotch tape cat eye hack that basically changed all of our lives (or at least the lives of those of us who are helpless with an eyeliner brush). But as it turns out, that was just the beginning: From makeup fixes to skin hacks to nail design, it's officially time to add a roll of Scotch tape to your makeup bag, stat. It has more uses than your favorite palette, concealer, and lip kit combined. And the best part? A roll costs you less than $2 and will last you pretty much forever.

Short of giving yourself a Lady Gaga-inspired DIY face lift, here are seven ways your can use scotch tape in your beauty routine.

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Consider your life completely changed forever.

1. For The Perfect Cat Eye

For anyone who has a steady enough hand to achieve the perfect cat-eye without a stencil — Mazel Tov. But for anyone who doesn't (me!), Scotch tape to the rescue. You can use scotch tape to outline exactly where you want your cat eye to go, and then fill in the negative space with liner. It will save you a lot of time, and a lot of makeup removing wipes.

2. For The Best Nail Art Ever

Let's be honest — achieving salon-level nail designs at home is really hard. But thanks to a little scotch tape sorcery, it is actually possible. Paint your nail a base color, then use the tape as a stencil to create whatever sort of cool patterns you want. Paint over the tape, and when you peel it off you'll have created something awesome.

3. For Overnight Zit Removal

The Internet is full of believe-it-or-not beauty hacks, and this one might just be the craziest one I've heard in a long time. According to one editor Stylecaster, you can use Scotch tape to get rid of a zit overnight. First, you need to pop the pimple — but only when it's completely ready to be popped we're talking explosion-level whitehead — then cover it with Scotch Tape overnight. The tape will allegedly exfoliate your skin while keeping the post-pop puss and inflammation down, and you'll wake up with clear skin. FYI, derms are not 100 percent on board with this one, which is always worth considering before you give it a try.

4. For Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Have you ever wanted to use the same eyeshadow brush for multiple different shades without having to fully clean it in between? Scotch tape has got you covered. To clean colored powder off of a brush, roll it on top of a clean piece of tape, which will remove the first two to three layers of color. Keep in mind that this does not replace cleaning your brushes with soap and water, which you should be doing at least once a month.

5. For Getting Rid Of Dry Skin

There are few things more annoying than trying to apply foundation over dry, flaky skin. To remove these annoying flakes (without having to wet or wash your face), place a piece of Scotch Tape over the effected areas. When you peel it off, the dry skin flakes will come with it. While taping off your dry skin shouldn't serve as a stand in for a good physical or chemical exfoliator, it's a great quick fix when you're in a pinch.

6. For Fixing Your Makeup

You know when you're almost done with your makeup, and then get an accidental smear of mascara down your face? Scotch tape can help you fix that. Wrap a piece of tape around the head of a q-tip, and dab over the smudge. It will take off the unwanted makeup without you having to start completely over.

7. For Professional Level Eyeshadow

For some reason, our at-home eye makeup never looks quite as fleeky as the makeup artists' we follow on Instagram. Their secret? Scotch tape. For professional looking eyeshadow edges, use scotch tape as an outline and apply shadow within. It will make the corners look extra-cut, and keep the powder from falling all over your face.