7 Ways Two Dysfunctional People Can Make For A Functional Relationship

There's a lid for every pot, as they say — even if the pot's a little dinged up, the lid's a bit rusty, or the lid and the pot aren't even the same size, per se. Just the same, there are definite ways for two dysfunctional people to make a functional relationship. If you're a little bit offbeat, it only makes sense that someone who's a little offbeat themselves will get you best.

A great — if not extreme — example of this dynamic is the one we see between Javier and Letty in Good Behavior. Sure, they both have their baggage. She's a con artist and grifter with an outstanding restraining order between herself and her son. He's a hit man estranged from his family. And sure, they initially met while acting as their alter-egos, which isn't the most honest way to kick off a romance. But they meet their match in one another and encourage each other to do better. Not to mention, they have extremely hot sex, which is always a plus.

So, if you're a bit worried that you and your boo are too much of a beautiful disaster to ever work out, never fear! Inspired by Javier and Letty, we're counting down a series of ways that two dysfunctional people can make for a functional relationship. Tune in to the season premiere of Good Behavior, Sunday 10/9c on TNT. There's hope for you yet!

Find Common Ground In Your Baggage


Know that feeling of completeness you have when you find someone who's messed up in the same exact ways as you? Of course you do — everyone's felt that way one time or another. Finding someone who has weathered similar trauma to you deepens the feeling of connection that you feel with another person. Take for instance, Javier and Letty, who both feel unwanted by their families. Even after a rocky start, this establishes a strong bond between the two of them.

Keep Having Fun


Laughter is always the best medicine, and it's a great social glue. If you and your partner have a similar sense of humor and devote time to having fun together, your supposedly dysfunctional halves can make up a perfectly functional whole. Even Javier and Letty get there, when they spend a day with Jacob and play a little bit of mall soccer.

Be Empathetic


Let's be real. Those of us who consider ourselves dysfunctional have probably been burnt in some way or another. Like Letty with her withholding mother, it's clear that her issues are rooted in not feeling loved. Especially in these cases, understanding that someone's issues are rooted in something that happened to them is key to a healthy relationship.

Work As A Team


A bond needs to be cultivated over years of work, even if your bond with your partner was instantaneous. A great way of working on your relationship with your partner is to find projects you can work on as a team. Sure, Javier and Letty may do this in sort of a vigilante kind of way, but they work together to pull off big jobs and step in to support each other when they need it — always on the same page.

Keep It Spicy

A huge part of a healthy relationship is (say it with me) a healthy sex life. Even if you and your partner are slight freaks in the streets, all the more reason to be a little freaky in the sheets. Bondage, role play, whatever keeps things interesting. Or, if all else fails, you can take a page out of Letty's book and invest in a couple wigs.

Help Each Other Better Yourselves


Javier and Letty aren't perfect themselves. But when it comes to the areas they want to improve, they try to encourage each other in doing so. And sure, Javier might use some tough love to encourage Letty in her sobriety. And Letty might put herself in harm's way by trying to interfere with Javier's hits, because deep down, she knows he doesn't want to kill. And while it's an uphill battle sometimes, it can be necessary to challenge your partner to grow.

But Love Each Other For Your Flaws, Not In Spite Of Them


Perhaps your partner has a singular talent of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Perhaps they snore. Perhaps they steal. Whatever their flaw is, it's important to love that part of your partner — even if you don't like it. After all, who would want a perfect significant other? Like with Javier and Letty, our flaws are what make us interesting.

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