7 Books By UK-Based Poets To Help You Celebrate National Poetry Day Right

It may not "traditional" in the academic sense, but social media, spoken word nights, and YouTube have really opened up poetry to the masses in recent years. If you’d asked me in GCSE English Literature whether I could ever see myself delving into a collection of poetry by choice, I’d have said "absolutely not" in a heartbeat. But now it’s easier than ever to find and connect with writers and creatives that represent and move you. So here are seven works from UK poets to read this National Poetry Day. While it’s amazing to find new writers you love all year round, Oct. 3 marks a day to celebrate the awesome creative talent our country has produced.

From grunge poetry to quick-witted observational musings, poetry can be such a source for good. There’s something about seeing a lived experience, be it mundane or monumental, presented in such beautiful language that you can’t help but get excited about. There’s so many amazing creatives in the UK right now just waiting for you to discover them, so whether you’re a #instapoetry fan or like taking the old-fashioned route and heading to a book shop, here are seven poetry books from UK poets that you simply have to pick up this National Poetry Day.


‘In Search Of Equilibrium’ by Theresa Lola

Theresa Lola is one of the most exciting young poets out there right now. She’s British Nigerian and the current Young People’s Laureate for London. Unafraid of tackling difficult issues Lola built her following on Instagram before releasing her debut collection, In Search Of Equilibrium. She's also worked with the charity Mind to get people to open up about their mental health through poetry on Instagram.

You can order it here.


‘The Fall, The Rise' by Maia

One of the best things about poetry is reading your own experience back but in the beautiful words of a creative. Maia started out her poetry career on Instagram. In The Fall, The Rise, Maia charts the course of falling in love, losing yourself, and breaking apart again. The collection highlights that it’s the falling and rising that makes the experience so breathtaking.

You can order it here.


‘Up In The Attic’ by Pam Ayres

Pam Ayres proves that poetry doesn’t always have to be serious. She’ll have you laughing until you cry, and moved to total silence, with Up In The Attic. From poking fun at the stresses of holding a dinner party and eating a piece of fruit when it’s just ripe enough to reflections on war and nostalgia, Ayres is super accessible and undeniably talented.

You can order it here.


‘Poems To Fix A F**ked Up World’ by Various Poets

While poetry can put down on paper what it feels like to fall in love or lose someone, it’s also pretty amazing at putting your life into perspective. If you feel like everything's falling apart and you’re not sure what to do, Poems To Fix A F**ked Up World will be your ideal read this National Poetry Day. Pairing old wisdom with new, this is the perfect antidote to the world we live in.

You can order it here.


‘Life Of The Party’ by Olivia Gatwood

In Life Of The Party, Olivia Gatwood uses her immense creative talent to pen prose, poems, and anecdotes about how violence and girlhood are so intrinsically linked. Gatwood's writing is a reflection on what it’s really like to grow up in the world as it is, looking at how women develop their sense of selves, and what shapes them. Undeniably feminist and addictive, you won’t be able to put Life Of The Party down.

You can order it here.


‘Great Goddesses’ by Nikita Gill

There’s something so magical about the Greek myths and the Goddesses that stand at the centre of those tales. Whether you’re completely clued up on Greek mythology or are a newcomer, Nikita Gill outlines the tales of Medusa, Circe, and Athena, to name a few, in stunningly beautiful prose. This will be one of the most entertaining history lessons you’ve ever had.

You can order it here.


‘Validate Me’ by Charly Cox

Charly Cox is one of the best and most accessible poets out there right now. If you haven’t picked up a copy of her debut collection She Must Be Mad, then you’re seriously missing out. Validate Me is Cox’s second book and charts our terribly close, sometimes hilarious, often problematic relationship with technology and social media in the 21st century. Both a celebration and criticism of the apps that have embedded themselves in our lives, you need to get your hands on Validate Me.

You can order it here.


If there was ever a time to get a little bit inspired or find a new writer to love, there’s no time quite like National Poetry Day. There’s so many amazing creatives in the UK right now and so much reason to celebrate on Oct. 3. You’ll be spoilt for choice.